Tostitos Breathalyzer Bags Can Detect if You're Drunk—and They'll Even Call You an Uber

Now that we know who will be playing in the Super Bowl this year, everyone is gearing up for their parties. Without a doubt, 7-layer dips, pizza delivery, and beer will make appearances in homes across the country. But where the beer floweth and the excitement runs high, there is bound to be intoxication. That’s where Tostitos comes in. At least this year.


The corn chip giant has developed a special bag, available for a limited time, that can detect if you’ve had too much to drink. Super Bowl Sunday usually sees a high rate of alcohol-related accidents and deaths. With the goal of preventing intoxicated football fans from driving after the big game, the all-black packaging changes if it detects trace levels of alcohol on your breath. If it does, a red steering wheel and the words “Don’t Drink and Drive” appear on the bag. If no alcohol is detected, a green circle appears instead.

Mashable reports:

If it decides you’ve been drinking — regardless of how much — an image of a red steering wheel appears on the otherwise stark black bag along with a reminder not to drive and a code for a $10 Uber discount (valid only on Super Bowl Sunday).

And if you’ve had so much to drink that the mere act of hailing an Uber becomes a difficult chore, the bag will even do that for you. The package is equipped with near-field communication technology that will automatically order a ride when tapped with a smartphone.

Yes, it’s a bag of chips that can call you an Uber! While the special packaging won’t be available at regular retailers, 25,000 customers who buy Frito-Lay chips between now and the Super Bowl will receive $10 Uber discounts with their purchases.


And if you’re used to seeing those fun Doritos commercials play every Super Bowl, this year will be different. Another change to come from the Frito-Lay parent company is a halt on those ads in order to focus on this new Tostitos effort.

Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker, whose aunt and uncle were killed by a drunk driver after watching him play in the Super Bowl in 2013, is serving as the face of the campaign.

The company says its goal is to remove 25,000 cars from the road that Sunday.

You can see the bag in action below:

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