5 Things to Do to Ease Your Mind When Times Get Rough


We all have those rough times in life when we aren’t sure how we will get through. Let’s face it, we don’t get a lot of spare time when we are taking care of a family and a job. The key is to find ways to ease our minds and recharge our batteries without taking up a lot of time or effort. Here are five stress-relieving tips to get you through.

1. Call your lifeline

Pick up the phone and start talking! Talking to your best friend about the issues you may be going through can bring you peace of mind. Sometimes all it takes is a little reassurance or common ground bonding from the soul sister or brother who knows you best to give you the boost that you need.

2. Put your thoughts on paper

Sometimes keeping a journal of your thoughts can help you release tension and keep your thoughts organized. You can go back and reflect on them later, which is helpful in problem solving and can assist in clearing your head.

3. Listen to music

Music is my muse. It makes you feel happy inside to hear a favorite melody, and this kind of therapy can greatly reduce stress. It can take you to another place and time, distracting you from whatever it is that’s on your mind.

4. Take a drive

Fall is upon us and what better way to unwind than with a drive through the park with the changing leaves. Put the windows down, stop at a roadside farm stand, and enjoy a cup of apple cider. Stress will surely melt away!

5. Volunteer for a charity

Giving back is good for the soul and does just as much for you as it does for the recipient. Volunteering to help the less fortunate forces you to remember how fortunate you really are in your own life and reminds you that things can always be worse. It opens your heart and fills it with joy knowing you are making someone’s life a little better.

What do you do to relax? Leave a comment and let me know!