Top 10 Fads We Wish Would Die Already

So many fad’s have taken our brothers and sisters by storm. Unsuspecting trends sweep the nation with a fury that only the trendy hipsters can fully appreciate. The collective rains down praise upon these fads, conferring godlike status on all who participate. But what these trendsetters don’t know is that we love to secretly laugh at them and point as they go by. Here is our top list of awful “trends.”

10. The ‘Man Bun’

One trend we are beginning to see take shape that men seem to be embracing with open arms is the “man bun.” All we have to say about this is WHY? Followed by PLEASE DON’T! The man bun takes a guy’s style to a level of creepiness that we chicks just don’t get.

man bun gif

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9. The Fedora

Unless you are Justin Timberlake (and even then, it’s questionable), wearing a fedora is a bad idea. Many men across the nation have fallen victim to this accessory, causing women everywhere to shudder at the thought of seeing it. Contrary to some men’s beliefs, the fedora that was once classy among the “Rat Pack” just doesn’t go with today’s neck beards and sandals.


8. Keep Calm and Carry On (Anything)

The saying was originally produced by the British government on motivational posters for the Second World War. It has officially worn out its welcome, appearing on virtually everything from mugs to throw pillows to t-shirts. We are here to say, “We will not keep calm…enough is enough already!”

keep calm

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7. Saying ‘Hashtag’

Hearing your conversations that use the word “hashtag” before giving the rundown of your Friday night just annoys us to the brink of stabbing our ears out with a #fork! Give it up, man.

6. Hipsters

Last we checked, labeling yourself to prove you are cool and hip wasn’t cool and hip. We all get that you’re a free-thinking, indie music-lovin’, beard-wearing, fake black rimmed glasses-sporting kind of guy or gal who is too cool for school (man bun included), but just stop it.


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5. Stick Figure Families

We get that you’re proud of your kids and pets, but the thrill of seeing them all come to life as stick figures on your minivan is simply…well…stupid. Thanks for not sharing.

stick figure family

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Ahhhhh, the saying “you only live once” has made many people do things they thought were a good idea, but turned out to be epic fails! Yeah, we won’t miss that.

hurt gif

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3. Anything Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice candles, pumpkin spice creamer, pumpkin spice chocolate. Yeah, it’s everywhere. Am I the only one who doesn’t even like what some would consider a nectar of the Gods? Moving on!

pumpkin spice

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2. The Kardashians

Why is this family famous again? Well, there was Kim’s naughty little video and the crazy mommager whose overbearing presence has gotten her girls lucrative deals selling their souls to the devil. But hey! A girl does what she can. Then there’s Bruce, and we all know where he is now. Time for these overindulgent train wrecks to disappear into obscurity. Long overdue!

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1. Bacon Everything

Don’t get us wrong — we love bacon. It’s one of the tastiest, most delectable gifts on earth, but the obsession is borderline freakish. We’ve seen bacon cupcakes, bacon drinks, bacon chocolates, bacon shakes, bacon soda and even bacon oatmeal. For the love of swines everywhere, please make it stop!

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Image courtesy of Shutterstock


Which fads do you think are overrated? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.