Jim Gaffigan Finally Works Blue, Lashes Out at Trump on Twitter

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The Trump era has been a bad time for most Democrats, but it seems to have hit their comedians hardest of all. They all cheered when the GOP nominated Trump because they knew he would lose and they would get 4-8 glorious years of President Hillary, but then it turned out nobody really knew anything. Suddenly, the time for jokes was over. Saturday Night Live stopped writing comedy and started scrambling for audience clapter and tweets from leftist journos. Late-night talk show hosts joined the #Resistance and somehow became even less funny. Struggling comedians climbed all over each other to bash Trump more savagely than the next guy. Their roar of pain and loss is ongoing, and I’ve tuned most of them out. They may be saying things I agree with, but I’ll never know because they’re just so boring. After a few years, the perpetual outrage grows tiresome.

Then there’s Jim Gaffigan. While so many other comics have become #woke kamikaze pilots, he’s just kept on doin’ what he does. His schlubby, half-witted everyman persona made him rich and famous, and his pleasantly self-deprecating observational humor still has a huge audience. As recently as Wednesday, he was sharing bits like this with his three million Twitter followers:

It’s funny because it’s true, you know? Dogs really don’t measure time the way we do! Don’t know if you’ve ever noticed that.

But last night, as the Republican National Convention was wrapping up, we saw a different side of the famously clean, family-friendly comedian. And if you’ll pardon my language, he was pretty darn ticked off!

Well, I’m not going to post his whole Twitter feed, but you get the idea. He has had it, you guys! I just hope he stays hydrated this morning.

As I read these, I keep hearing that weird, whispery, high-pitched voice Gaffigan does in his act, imitating an audience member critiquing everything he says: “Is he gonna do the one about the Hot Pockets? This is different than his usual stuff… can we get a refund? I had an uncle who would get like this every Thanksgiving. Why is the chubby man talking about books, can he even read? Is he okayyyyyyy?

Look, I really like Gaffigan, and I can’t blame him for being fed up. He has every right to say whatever he wants. This is America, and Americans are allowed to talk back to our leaders as long as they’re not Democrats.

But… where has this guy been for the last four years? Hasn’t he turned on CNN or MSNBC, or pretty much any other channel but the bad one? He’s not really breaking new ground here. He’s not persuading anybody who isn’t already persuaded. Lots and lots and lots of people are saying this same stuff, every minute of every day. Nobody in August 2020 is undecided about Trump.

I mean, Gaffigan is still pissed off about Paul Ryan? It reminds me of his joke about finally seeing the movie Heat, years after everybody else did: “Uhhh… I wanna talk about it now!!

As for his career, I’m sure he’ll be fine. People have short attention spans. He can go back to his gentle, inoffensive style of comedy, and his largely conservative audience will forgive him for this outburst against everything they hold dear.

Or maybe he’ll go the other way. Maybe he’ll pull a Kathy Griffin and become a 24/7 Trump-smashing rageball. That could be funny too, if you’re amused by watching famous people plummet into insanity.

You know what this doesn’t look like to me? A sign of confidence in Joe Biden. Whether it’s the Hot Pockets comedian throwing a frenzied $#!+fit on Twitter, or angry mobs rioting and looting in the streets, right now a lot of people are panicking that Trump is going to get reelected and there’s nothing they can do.

None of this is helping, but that’s not the point. There’s no plan here, no strategy. They’re just crying out in helpless rage. They may pat each other on the back and tell themselves how strong they are, but this is just the opposite. It’s weakness. It’s helpless children lashing out at Daddy.

Speaking as a cuck RINO traitor who has not and never will vote for Trump, the other team has alienated me even more thoroughly than the one in power. Jim Gaffigan didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know already, but he sure as heck didn’t convince me to vote for the other guy.

🎵Raaaaage Pockets…🎵

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