Bill Maher Finally Explains Himself

Breaking News: It’s Ok when Bill Maher is a misogynist. But I’ll let him explain:  Bill applies misogynist language to women who happen to be politicians, while Rush Limbaugh attacked a ‘civilian’*.

I had the feeling someone sooner or later would excuse Maher’s conduct towards female conservative politicians in this manner.  In fact, I’m surprised he didn’t do it himself earlier (I guess he’s starting to feel the heat of Alinsky Rule 4 now).

But this isn’t much of a defense or excuse, as far as such things go.  After all, what Maher is ultimately getting across here is that there are circumstances under which misogynist hate is perfectly acceptable (and – unfortunately and evidently – many a Leftie would agree).

Then again, that’s precisely what is implied by his conduct towards Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann – and by anyone who’s ever given Maher a pass for it: it’s ok to hate some women.

Contrast with the reaction to Rush and one can only conclude that all the Fluke vs. Rush brouhaha is not about respect.  It’s about silencing dissenting voices.

In other words, it’s not a double standard.  It’s the party line.

*I’ll leave the implications of distinguishing people in militaristic terms for others to ponder; but, if I remember well, Lefties frown on the use of violent imagery in political rhetoric…except when they don’t.

UPDATE: David Axelrod is also feeling the heat of Alinsky Rule 4.  The result is about as non-sensical and pathetic as Maher’s excuse.  You could say the ‘War On Women’ has jumped the shark…

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