Who Will Build Your Killer Robot?

The next generation of military robots hasn’t been built yet. But, there are already efforts to ban machines operating independent of human control. There is even a Facebook page.

Robot hatters focus  on DARPA, the military’s way-out research and development arm. Though for a shadowy lab, DARPA is up-front about some of its most visionary programs.

In practice, military robots are already joining the ranks. The US Navy recently unveiled its ship-board firefighting robot.

But, the Pentagon isn’t the only one trying manage the rise of the machines. Google, for one, recently took out a patent for commanding a robot army.

The robotic arms race is going to match the military against the private sector. Don’t be surprised with its deeper pockets and innovative practices if the private sector wins. Maybe the plot of RoboCop is not that far-fetched after all.