News in a Nanosecond

The day’s nanotech news in nanosized bites:

Kardashian Deficit Disorder:  If only nanotech news had some curves, would the public know more about risks? Turns out, journalists who used to do a great deal of nanotech reporting in the mid-2000s are no longer working. Yep. I could have told you that. The New Haven Independent reports

Speaking of Nanotech Risks … Anti-nanotech activitsts like to talk endlessly about “uncertainty” regarding nanoparticles in sunscreen. Well, a new study makes it a bit more certain that no harm is actually done. “Nanoparticles did not penetrate beneath the outermost layer of cells …” This undercuts one of the main objections to nanotech in consumer products. But, unfortunately, facts rarely interfere with the agendas of those who peddle fear. More at Eurekalert

Rise of the Nanomachines: I, for one, will welcome our new nanobot overlords … if we ever get around to building them. News release on Nanotechnology Now

Watching the (nano)tube: Researchers hit the “print” button to create low-cost carbon-nanotube display screens. More here

Speaking of Nanotubes, they Suck … They can suck up CO2. A portable nanotube carbon-dioxide sucker could take care of high CO2 levels in the atmosphere, especially in areas such as big cities, where trees are rare. More in The Engineer

Nano May Make Battery Recycling Attractive: Research into recovering nanoparticles from old batteries “will appeal to environmental nanotechnologists who should see this as an opportunity to turn recycling of electronic waste into an economically beneficial proposition for industry. Michael Berger at Nanowerk reports