More Men Seeking Traditional Women's Jobs

The New York Times has an article on men entering fields dominated by women (Hat Tip: Newsalert):

While women continue to make inroads into prestigious, high-wage professions dominated by men, more men are reaching for the dream in female-dominated occupations that their fathers might never have considered.

The trend began well before the crash, and appears to be driven by a variety of factors, including financial concerns, quality-of-life issues and a gradual erosion of gender stereotypes. An analysis of census data by The New York Times shows that from 2000 to 2010, occupations that are more than 70 percent female accounted for almost a third of all job growth for men, double the share of the previous decade. …

Several men cited the same reasons for seeking out pink-collar work that have drawn women to such careers: less stress and more time at home.

The article pointed out that men were making more money in these fields. However, I wonder if men are working longer hours or are willing to do things that make them worth higher pay?