Battleship: From Here to Banality

Hollywood’s idea of Navy-themed movies in the 1950s? Run Silent, Run Deep and The Caine Mutiny. (And Operation: Petticoat, which at least Cary Grant and Tony Curtis going for it.)


Hollywood’s idea of a Navy-themed movie today? Battleship: The Motion Picture, which merges the board game that everyone had as a kid with a CGI-overloaded Transformers-esque sci-fi movie. Co-starring Liam Neeson, the glory days of Shindler’s List receding even further into the past.

High-concept? You’re not just soaking in it, you’re underwater — which the film may or not be itself, when it opens next summer:

Ace of Spades adds:

I know it’s an old joke that Hollywood is officially out of ideas but seriously, Hollywood is officially out of ideas.

I mean — Footloose.

They “remade,” supposedly, The Killer Elite, but it really looks like they just bought the name and wrote a completely different (standard action dopiness) script.

And for those of you who can’t get enough of boardgame-based movies and bizarre remake choices, you’ll be happy to know that the cheesy and crappy but sort of good Clue movie is, yes, being remade too.

Also coming soon? Total Recall, starring Kate Beckinsale. I’m not sure if she’s playing Arnold Schwarzenegger or not, though.

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