More Naked Men Gone Wild: Nude Knife Murderer, ESPN Star, Burglars, Flashers, and More

More Naked Men Gone Wild: Nude Knife Murderer, ESPN Star, Burglars, Flashers, and More
Ryen Russillo, the host of "The Ryen Russillo Show" on ESPN Radio. (Teton County Sheriff's Office via AP)

In the third installment of my naked men behaving badly series, I bring you a naked and bloody knife murderer, a naked and drunk ESPN star, naked burglars, flashers, and more — all of which hit the news in the past 48 hours. As usual the stories all involve drugs, alcohol, mental illness, and/or someone from Florida.

I’ll start with the most horrific story via the NY Daily News:

An Illinois man claiming to be God allegedly stabbed his father 100 times before asking a sheriff’s deputy to kill him as he hovered naked and bloody over his father’s body.

John Shenko, 22, identified as God and told the deputy his father was Satan, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“I’m not getting off of him, you’re going to have to shoot me,” Kane County prosecutors quoted Shenko as telling the deputy. “My name is God. I killed Satan,” Shenko allegedly said.

A sheriff’s deputy was sent to the Shenko home around 1 a.m. Aug. 13, in response to reports of someone screaming for help. As the deputy arrived, he saw Shenko atop his father on the ground near their home’s front door.

Shenko said, “Die, die, die, die, die,” according to court records obtained by the Tribune.

The deputy Tased Shenko twice before handcuffing him, according to an Aug. 17 court filing, the Tribune reports.

Shenko’s mother said her son had a “long history of mental illness,” according to the court filing.

He had been hospitalized for psychological issues three separate times, his mother said, according to filing. He had been diagnosed with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the filing showed.

Shenko’s mother described her son as perennially troubled, and said she was afraid of him. He hid knives underneath his mattress and repeatedly threatened violence against himself and others, including one of his teachers, she said.

“Due to the defendant’s violent behavior, Ms. Shenko and her daughter shared a bedroom and would sleep with the door locked in fear of the defendants’ behavior,” Cullen stated in the filing, the Tribune reports.

This is clearly a case of someone who should have been committed a long time ago. A family should not have to live in fear because of one member’s deranged behavior.

Now on the lighter side….

Fox 61: Drunk, naked ESPN star arrested after breaking into condo, cops say:

As if ESPN didn’t already have enough problems…

An ESPN host was arrested in Jackson, Wyoming, Wednesday on a criminal trespassing charge after he allegedly wandered into a stranger’s condo drunk and naked, according to FOX News.

Police were called to the scene where they reportedly found Ryen Russillo, host of “The Russillo Show” on ESPN Radio, in a bedroom around 3:30 a.m. A condo resident told police he heard someone enter his home, but assumed it was a family member until Russillo reportedly walked in the bedroom.

“Officers found the defendant, later identified as Ryen August Russillo, lying on the bed in the south bedroom naked except for his pants around his ankles,” a probable cause affidavit obtained by the Jackson Hole News & Guide states.

The Morning Call: Naked man in Lower Nazareth car was indecently exposed, police say:

A Williams Township man was arrested Wednesday afternoon for indecently exposing himself in a car in the Target parking lot in Lower Nazareth Township, police said.

The 18-year-old was taken into custody about 4:30 p.m. after police determined that a 14-year-old girl saw him naked in a car at the lot near Routes 248 and 33, Colonial Regional police said.

The girl told police she was getting out of another vehicle when she saw the nude man touching himself in a sexual manner in the car, police said.

KPUG: Sex offender charged with naked burglaries:

 A convicted sex offender has been charged in connection with breaking into several apartments while naked south of Tacoma.

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said Curtis Sell was charged Wednesday with three counts of burglary with sexual motivation in connection with the break-ins and failure to register as a sex offender.

Lindquist said police responded to a Lakewood apartment building Aug. 2 where a woman reported that she awoke to a naked man removing the fan from her bedroom window. She told police after she screamed and her boyfriend came in the room, the man ran away.

Meadville Tribune: Florida man to trial for allegedly exposing himself at Conneaut Lake Park:

Okay, this one actually happened last month, but it was in the news this week as the flasher’s trial date has been scheduled. John Kenneth Rabac, 67, is an addictions counselor whose certification as an addiction professional in Florida is valid through June 2018, according to Florida Certification Board records.

Rabac is accused by Pennsylvania State Police of exposing himself to a woman and her niece in the changing room area at Splash City water park on July 9. He is charged with two counts of indecent exposure, one count of open lewdness, and one count of disorderly conduct/obscene language or gesture.

Rabac was arrested after amusement park staff contacted state police when informed by the woman of the alleged incident.

Rabac was in the first stall of the men’s changing room at Splash City when he allegedly exposed himself to a 25-year-old woman and her 7-year-old niece, who were in a seating area outside the changing room, the arrest affidavit filed in the case said.

The woman and niece were waiting on the woman’s husband, who had gone into the changing area with two other children, the affidavit said. There were other families waiting in the same area outside of the changing rooms, according to the affidavit.

When the woman looked at the men’s side of the changing area, she saw Rabac open up the changing room stall’s curtain approximately 3 inches, exposing Rabac’s nude body, the affidavit said. The woman told police Rabac touched his genital area three or four times while looking at the woman and her niece before he shut the curtain, the affidavit said. The affidavit said “she ran into the changing room to confront Rabac and Rabac stated ‘I’m sorry just let me go.’”

The Chattanoogan: Mom With 4-Year-Old Confronted By Naked Man In Runyan Drive Home:

Police said a mother and her four-year-old son were confronted by a naked man in their home on Runyan Drive.

By the time police arrived, the woman’s husband was wrestling with the intruder in the front yard.

Jason Lee Burton, 31, who lives just down the street from the incident, was charged with aggravated burglary and two counts of assault.

In the incident on Thursday, an officer en route was told by the wife she felt the man was on drugs and “experiencing excited delirium.”

The officer, upon arriving, found a naked man and a clothed man, tusseling. Officers immediately separated the two and put the man with no clothes in custody. Police said he resisted being detained and appeared to be under the influence of intoxicants.

They said he was talking about different universes, Games of Thrones, “bad people” and fire.

He had some kind of liquid jelly on him from head to toe and had cuts on his wrists.

Can you even imagine???

Next we have naked hillbilly and naked antifa …

KY3: Naked man urinates on officers during arrest in Camden County:

An impaired 22-year-old male was seen walking naked in the South Shores area of Lake Ozark in Missouri.

A call into the Camden County Sheriff’s Department about a naked man at a pool turned into much more for deputies.

Deputies arrested the man at the Southwood Shores Thursday night in Lake Ozark. Deputies say he had also been around the playground naked.

After deputies arrived, they found the man inside a unit of the complex. Officers say the man attempted to punch a deputy during the arrest. They used a Taser to control the man after they say he charged at them. The deputies then placed the man in a chair. Deputies say the suspect then spit and urinated on them.

KATU2: Screaming naked man arrested for throwing rocks at police car:

One Portland police car was damaged Thursday night when officers said a screaming naked man threw a rock at it.

Police said the man tried to throw another rock at a second police car but caused no damage.

Police were initially called at about 8:15 on a report there was some kind of disturbance between a man and a woman in the 4100 block of Northeast Halsey Street.

Police arrested the man. They said he told them he was under the influence of LSD. Initially the man was calm in the back of the police car, but police said they had to call medics after he became extremely agitated. Police: Naked Waterville man said he was ‘sunbathing’ along river trail:

A 67-year-old man was charged with a misdemeanor Thursday morning after police allegedly found him walking around naked on the Leeman trails in the city’s South End.

Ricky Thompson, of Waterville, was summoned on a charge of indecent conduct, a Class E crime, when police found him, unclothed, on the trail that runs along Water Street from the power plant to the boat landing, Deputy Chief Bill Bonney said.

A woman had reported Thompson to the police after she reported seeing him while walking on the trails with her two 8-year-olds and one 4-year-old around 10:30 a.m. She described him to police as a “naked elderly man” with a walker, so police went to the scene assuming it was a medical issue, possibly involving dementia, Bonney said. Waterville fire and rescue was also dispatched, but later canceled.

After a half-hour search, police found Thompson “still completely naked,” according to Bonney.

“He claimed that he was sunbathing,” Bonney said.

The police had received similar complaints about Thompson in the past, Bonney said, but were never able to substantiate them enough to charge him.

Special bonus:

Naked man fights the police outside a New Orleans bar. I don’t know when this happened because there was no write-up about it anywhere on the internet that I can find.

But this video appeared on YouTube on Thursday.

This video was recorded in New Orleans outside of shamrock Night club. The Guy was high as hell off of Acid he said. His friends left him after he tried to Fight them and got naked outside of shamrock Night club.

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