In 2014 a Kansas High School Senior Predicted Both Royals and Cubs World Series Wins

This may not be quite as amazing as the high school senior from California who predicted the Cubs would win the 2016 World Series way back in 1993, but it’s still pretty impressive.

A high school senior in Kansas made two bold World Series predictions two years ago, and they both turned out to be true.

In November of 2014, after the Royals lost to the San Francisco Giants, Adam Harter tweeted that the Royals would win the World Series in 2015 and the Cubs would win in 2016.

Harter graduated from Olathe Northwest High School in 2015.


“I was more relieved last night when they won. I was just excited that it came true,” the Olathe Northwest graduate told 41 Action News.

“I felt [the Royals] had a good chance to come back and win it the next year. Then, I saw that the Cubs had signed Theo Epstein and Joe Maddon, and I believed that those guys would lead the Cubs in the right direction,” he said. “I firmly believed it when I tweeted it and all the way through that they were both going to win.”

Now a celebrated baseball prognosticator, Harter is predicting that the Boston Red Sox will win the World Series in 2017.