Don't Forget to Ask a Jew This Sunday

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Dear R.J. Moeller,

You’re going to have to forgive me but I’m still writing away at another of my epic, interfaith list posts. “Judeo-Christian Values For Secularists And Space Travelers: 7 Key Ideas For Understanding the Bible Like a Grown-Up,” recounting some of the key points from the first of your “Ask a Jew” events with Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt, still needs more time in the writing oven. I’m at a little over 3000 words, and it’s about 80% of the way there but I’m not sure that I’ll have the time to finish before the event this Sunday.

So I thought just in case I don’t finish before the event I’d do this post here, insisting that anyone on the fence about whether they should attend the event on Sunday  should stop wallowing in doubt and just go ahead and go. The debut back in March was a tremendously enlightening, entertaining event that people of all faith traditions should find engaging. You, Hugh, and Dennis are doing such important work bringing people together across religious traditions.

Good luck with #3,


P.S. Have you seen this week’s Prager University video that explains how Europeans learned the wrong lesson from World War II, resulting in an ideological rejection of nationalism, and therefore an antipathy to the Jewish state? I embedded above. Prager U is really on a roll — this is another one I’ll definitely be laying on my Democrat friends and family who don’t understand why a non-Jew should be concerned about Israel.

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