How to Find a CEO's Email So You Can Complain About Shameful Customer Service

From “3 Ways To Get Better Customer Service Using Social Media” by Susannah Breslin at Forbes:

In your email, say who you are, explain exactly what happened, and attempt to be succinct. Make it clear that you will not be doing business with them if this is where things are left. I wanted to do business with this store because it was the easiest choice, so I was trying to get a win-win solution: I get the customer service I want so I can buy the product I want, and they get my money.

I’m pretty adept at figuring out what people’s emails are. This is because I’m also a journalist, and I have to do that on occasion. Can’t find the CEO’s email? Identify the email format company for others at the company. Is it [email protected] or [email protected]? Identify the email template and the CEO’s name, and you can probably figure out what his or her email is. After you think you have it, run it through Google and see if you get a hit.

Why would you email the CEO if you don’t expect a response? Because you’re going to use this email to get what you want.

But really start from the beginning and read the entire post. It’s another example of why Susannah Breslin — a woman undergoing chemo therapy for breast cancer and still churning out fun, inspiring career and life advice every week — should be on your “Read Everything They Write” list.