Dennis Prager, Archetypal Baby Boomer Dad

A review copy of Dennis Prager’s new book Still the Best Hope:Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph arrived yesterday.

I read the first 30 pages this morning and can’t wait to dig in further and start pulling out gems to share here at PJ Lifestyle.


After 3 weeks of blogging through the swamp of Derrick Bell’s Afrolantica Legacies maybe now’s the time to cool off in Prager’s cave of intellectual wonders?

I’m not sure yet which angle to take in discussing Prager’s book but his opening helped clarify how his radio show became my favorite: in his love for life Dennis reminds me of all the great Baby Boomer Dads I knew growing up.

Prager regularly laments his generation’s failures and excesses. (And I join him in doing so.) But something for which the Boomers don’t get the credit they deserve: they passed along their love of life to their Millennial children. Criticize them for raising a coddled “trophy generation” if you must but as Prager’s previous book reminds, happiness is a moral obligation. And having heard the tales of Gen-X peers raised a decade prior by absent Silent Generation parents in the ’70s, who could complain about parents who valued their children’s happiness and taught them to pursue joy?

Note to self: call Dad tonight.

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