The Siren Call of $5 Little Caesars

My friend Brent Smith who blogs at Random Dude Eats Random Food:

Most of the time when I have pizza it’s something so quick, cheap, and dirty it almost feels like a Secret Service outing in South America. It’s true and I’m not going to act like I’m ashamed of it. The siren call of $5 Little Caesars is hard to resist, and lately I’ve been wondering if maybe I’ve lost my ability to appreciate pizza that you can’t buy with just the change you dug from your couch cushions. A couple of weekends ago I decided to test myself with some pizza that has a better than average reputation. The Girlfriend and I decided to try Some Guys.

Great pizza as a seductive siren song. You take a bite and savor the pizzeria blend of spices — always a unique combination depending on which non-chain restaurant you pick. Some Guys — with locations on the north side of Indianapolis — is a reliable choice and Brent does them justice in his review.

Reading Brent’s savory description of a hometown favorite is like being Ulysses tied to the mast, longing to leap overboard as the sirens sing.

I still love the junk food as much as ever — but now it seems like more and more when I slip up and indulge the price paid later just isn’t worth it. Oh sure it tastes wonderful going down, but how will it feel being digested and what mood will it put me in later? How much time will I have to spend in the bathroom wincing the next morning?


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