Forget Norm, Why Won't These Celebrities Apologize?

Norm Macdonald begins as host of the Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto. (Peter Power/The Canadian Press via AP, File)

Norm Macdonald is breaking some sort of land speed record for his apology tour.

First, the “Saturday Night Live” alum apologized for daring to say Roseanne Barr might not be a racist and the #MeToo movement may contain flaws.

Then, he served up another mea culpa for referencing Down Syndrome in a clumsy fashion during his initial apology.

What’s next? The fact that Macdonald won’t join The Resistance with his new Netflix talk show may put a social justice target on his back. We’ll see.

It still begs the following question: why haven’t other stars apologized for saying much, much worse?

Take Ron Perlman. The gifted character actor should have gotten more awards season love for his work on FX’s “Sons of Anarchy.” He has said some horrible things on Twitter without repercussions.

Here’s one: He suggested Nikki Haley might indeed be sleeping with President Donald Trump. His proof? She defiantly shot down the fact-free rumor. Oh, and he also called First Lady Melania Trump a pig.

What about Sarah Silverman? The far-left comic claimed her Hulu series, “I Love You, America,” would heal a divided nation. Then she said this on her first show of the new season:

But make no mistake, the Trump administration is thrilled about this distraction right now because they’re going to get to confirm Kavanaugh and that will give every anti-choice Republican a giant boner. This is a position for life, y’all. They want to push it through, and if it goes through, it’s going to affect every vulnerable person in America negatively until the day he dies, until the Devil comes to collect his soul.

This is the squeaky-clean, absurdly qualified Supreme Court nominee, mind you.

She also recently referred to Christians as “motherf***ers.

And then there’s Joss Whedon. The oft-employed director of the first two “Avengers” movies has wished for President Trump’s death, insulted cancer-stricken teens to own conservatives, mocked Nicole Kidman’s face and compared Ivanka Trump to a dog.

Did we see any Apology Tours tied to the non-stop Whedon hate? What about comments made by Perlman and Silverman? Of course not. That’s partially because the media either ignored or downplayed those ghastly statements.

They also earned a pass because they targeted conservatives and/or people of faith. Right-of-center types and Christians aren’t afforded the protection liberal stars receive.

This isn’t new. It’s still galling to watch Macdonald, a veteran comic who’s made us laugh for decades, go through the mandatory mea culpa march for saying things less extreme than his peers.