Pass the Popcorn, SJWs Call Amy Schumer Racist (Again)

Amy Schumer isn’t just the It Comic of the moment. She’s as progressive as Bernie Sanders at a Raise the Minimum Wage rally.

She’s pro-gun control, adores Hillary Clinton, and considers herself a feminist down to her lower back tattoo.

Yet she’s now the target of the Social Justice Warrior troupe. And it isn’t the first time.

The latest kerfuffle started when Schumer’s mock-music video for Beyonce’s “Formation” hit the web. It’s clearly part of her marketing push behind the comic’s upcoming, untitled film co-starring Goldie Hawn.

Only the usual suspects didn’t take kindly to the video. Here’s just one of many outraged messages on it.

Racist. Cultural appropriation. And then there’s the meaning behind the original song.

Beyonce’s version of the clip showed the singer sitting atop a New Orleans police car sinking in floodwaters. It also includes images of a hooded black child facing police and graffiti scrawled on a wall that reads “Stop Shooting Us.”

And let’s not forget the shirt Schumer wears in the video. Seems that’s problematic, too.

Not only is Schumer accused of cultural appropriation, she dons a T-shirt with the lyric “Texas Bama,” which Time magazine indicates has a painful and very specific history for people of color in America.

So far, Schumer is standing her ground. No media apologies or social media mea culpas.


In fact, she appears ready to ignore the blowback.

That wasn’t the case a little while back when SJWs attacked some of her standup material as racist. Schumer wasn’t super-duper famous at the time, and she quickly backpedaled.

“I am evolving as an artist,” she added. “I am taking responsibility and hope I haven’t hurt anyone. I apologize [if] I did,” she said at the time.

Progressives once trained their fire exclusively on Christians and conservatives. Now, anyone is fair game, and it doesn’t matter where you stand on any given issue. If SJWs even suspect you’ve done something they disagree with, it’s battle stations.