Actors Treat Emmy Awards Like Their Personal Blogs

It happened again over the weekend.

A gaggle of Hollywood’s biggest stars gathered to honor each other in a very public forum. The annual Emmy Awards telecast proved zippier than the Oscars, and not nearly as insufferable. It also repeated what’s become common with today’s award shows.


The stars treated the event like their personal blog.

Courtney B. Vance cried, “Obama out … Hillary in” at the end of his acceptance speech. Kate McKinnon thanked Hillary Clinton during her time on the Emmy podium.

Aziz Ansari blasted Donald Trump’s immigration rhetoric while collecting a gleaming Emmy award.

“Transparent” creator Jill Soloway implored us to “topple the patriarchy.”

That’s just a partial list of the celebrities who turned a regal entertainment event into their private fiefdom.


It’s not that I agree or disagree with the statements above. It’s simply not the time or the place to share them. Would you start extolling the virtues of unfettered abortion at a dinner party with friends old and new?

Did you ever bring up gun control on a first date?

Why not?

This goes beyond whether we should we care what an actor thinks about, say, Trump, in the first place. Actors work tirelessly on their chosen projects. They often spend years failing one audition after another for their big break.

For most actors, it never comes.

The lucky few who reach the peak of their professional careers have a golden moment to thank those who helped make it possible on Emmy night.

So how do they use that precious time? They give immature shoutouts to political candidates. Do they think that might change one voter’s mind?


And then there’s the parade of profanity during these events. Thankfully, the live telecast featured a brief delay which allowed ABC to bleep out words not fit for prime time.

The celebrities kept ABC busy Sunday night.

Adults can handle the occasional F-bomb. We’re not precious snowflakes that demand protection. Still, there’s a time and a place for mature language. Would you release a few F-bombs during an important meeting? A job interview? What about while waiting in the pickup line to grab your kids after a long day at school?

You hold your tongue because that’s what grown-ups do. So why is it so hard for celebrities to refrain from cursing during a two-minute span?

Dear Hollywood — we’re in love with television. Keep up the fine work. We can’t wait to binge on what you have to offer.

And could you please grow up before the next embarrassing awards show?

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