Stop the Presses! Roseanne's in!

Watch out, Mr. President. You’re about to be hit upside the head by a domestic goddess.

Roseanne Barr, the former sitcom queen and occasional talk radio scourge, announced on The Tonight Show that she’s running for the presidency.



Barr hasn’t been funny in over a decade. A few years ago I sampled a one-hour comedy special she recorded for one of those pay channels I no longer pony up for, and I was shocked by the lack of laughs. Some artists simply lose their mojo over time, and there’s nothing Barr has to say these days that’s remotely clever or insightful. She’s a far left type who claims to hate both parties, but she’s most famous in recent years for dressing up as Hitler and failing to entertain a single soul.

Even Bill Maher, whose pool of political wisdom draws more shallow with every episode of his HBO Real Time show, occasionally springs a great laugh line on us.

Barr’s “big announcement” made it to the front of my AOL home page, and the accompanying article tried mightily to spin the news into something credible.

“She may be able to make some noise in this election,” the article declares.

That’s today’s mainstream media for ya. No time to investigate real news but all the energy in the world to play into Barr’s bald attempt for free press.

Mission accomplished.

My bet is the late perennial candidate Pat Paulsen will pull more votes than this washed up sitcom diva.

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