Videos: The Best of the Best of the Coronavirus Quarantine Lockdown Parody Songs

Videos: The Best of the Best of the Coronavirus Quarantine Lockdown Parody Songs
YouTube screen shot - The Kiffness.

Sick of coronavirus and its unending quarantine? Yep! Sick of those #AloneTogether ads that are depressing, monotone and more than slightly frightening? You should be because they’re Orwellian and drab.


Want something to pass the time and maybe even make you smile, that’s not on Netflix or any other pay channel you can’t afford since your state’s unemployment system is hopelessly behind on applications?

Well here we go.

Quarantine has put millions out of work and mostly depressed everyone, but it has brought out the creativity and ingenuity in a few talents scattered around this stricken world. And as long as we have the energy to power YouTube and keep the lights on in our own homes (which is no longer a given!), we can laugh or smirk at the parodies people have posted online.

Some of them are great, really funny and creative. Some…well, at least they’ll take up a couple minutes of your day. So sit back, scroll down, click to play and enjoy.

These are in no particular order. Watch them before we’re all running on candle power.

“Stay Home Vogue” – Chris Mann Music

“Do Re Mi – Covid 19 Version” – Shirley Serban. The hills are locked down. This one feels slightly propagandistic, but it’s less so than the government’s #AloneTogether ads.

“Stayin’ Inside” – Brent McCullough

“I Can’t Get No (Sanitizer)” – Kris Baines and a bunch of cute kids

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“My Corona Home” – Jon Pumper. Better than the Beach Boys original, mainly because I really hate the original.


“Goodbye Corona” – Prairie Joe

“I Want to Know What Day It Is” – The Holderness Family. The wine sip sneak is a nice touch.

“Fifty Ways to Catch Corona” – Zack David Music. The Paul Simon classic is perfect parody fodder.

“Don’t Stand So Close To Me” – Image Factory productions Kissinger

“Coronavirus Rhapsody” – InVoca/by Raul Irabien. The production value of this one is top-notch. Tight harmonies too.

“Yesterday” – The Kiffness. This guy probably deserves his own post. He has created so many parodies and they’re all pretty amazing. I choose this one for the harmonies, the lyrics and the subtle use of multi-cam along with the assist from his wife. But check out all of his other parodies on his YouTube channel.

Bonus: “Quaranqueen” – The Kiffness. Because the lack of pants in the opening line should remind all of us of Kruiser, plus he’s using one of the world’s greatest karaoke classics. Sing along at home!

Bryan Preston is the author of Hubble’s Revelations: The Amazing Time Machine and Its Most Important Discoveries. Really. 

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