Godzilla Reboot Emerges to Leave Theaters in Ruins in 2014

Godzilla returns.

But will the reboot turn out better than the awful, un-Godzilla-like 1998 treatment that starred Matthew Broderick?

The first teaser-trailer for 2014’s Godzilla is out. Take a look. You should take it full screen. Chromecast it if you’ve got it.

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The teaser opens with a group of soldiers HALO leaping into a city that is already being ravaged by the beast. We get to fall along with the troops, then see fleeting glimpses of the wreckage on the ground, reactions from the puny humans in the city, and then the monster, shrouded in a massive cloud of dust and debris.

The teaser doesn’t show much of the legendary monster, whose name is an amalgamation of the Japanese words for “gorilla” and “whale,” but what is shown already looks far better than the villain from the 1998 version. That Godzilla was more of a leaned-forward speed-walking dinosaur-like creature than the upright plodding disaster of the Toho films. It neither moved nor felt very much like Godzilla.

The 2014 version appears to be standing upright in the sequence that leads up to the frame below. The sequence begins with a shot of Godzilla’s feet at ground level, tracks upward showing the spikes on his back, and around his neck to his head. And then we hear a bona fide Godzilla roar. This is no man in a rubber suit, and the cinematography that brings him to life is spectacular.



Godzilla’s cast looks decent. Hollywood notoriously lacks any original ideas these days, and returning to a giant monster that first leveled Tokyo in 1954 certainly doesn’t speak to the film industry’s originality now.

But still…it’s Godzilla. In 3D. And IMAX 3D. Movies just don’t get much bigger than that.

Godzilla destroys us all starting May 16, 2014.

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