It's Okay to Laugh: Political Persecution of Kyle Rittenhouse Self-Destructs

It's Okay to Laugh: Political Persecution of Kyle Rittenhouse Self-Destructs

In a sane country, the six-letter agencies would be at war over who gets to recruit the Kenosha Kid to do the wet work and eradicate America’s enemies. But we live in Brandon World, where good is evil and evil is good, and where our “public servants” do more damage to the U.S. than our fiercest enemies could if they tried. Thus, our best hope for emotional survival until the 2022 midterms is to get clown-pilled and laugh whenever we get the chance.

And yesterday’s prosecution self-immolation at the Rittenhouse trial is one of those magnificent inflection points that we simply must pause to appreciate. So go ahead and laugh—we’ve earned this.

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First, the background. In case you missed yesterday’s courtroom drama, take a moment to review PJ colleague Victoria Taft’s coverage.

All caught up? Good. Now set your beverage down so you don’t soak your screen, scroll, and enjoy.

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For more serious coverage of the latest Rittenhouse updates, check in regularly with Victoria Taft’s continuing coverage of the trial.


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