Chris Brown Brandishes a Gun, Yelling 'Get the F**k Out!'

After a standoff with police last several hours, singer Chris Brown (and some of his entourage) emerged peacefully from his San Fernando Valley residence after a warrant was served Tuesday. Brown was then arrested. The alleged story behind this situation is that Baylee Curran, who has partied with Brown in the past, was hot-tubbing at the residence with a girlfriend. She later started admiring a piece of jewelry displayed by one of Brown’s friends which, apparently, set this guy off.

That’s when Brown entered the scene brandishing a gun and demanding that Curran “get the f**k out.” According to Curran, Brown’s behavior at that time was “out of character,” as he was generally nice to her, but this time he was presumably drunk or high.

It gets weirder. Brown’s entourage took Curran’s phone and wouldn’t return it until she and her girlfriend signed a non-disclosure agreement. Curran and her friend refused, left the house, and proceeded to call the cops around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, has been by Brown’s side ever since the Rihanna assault conviction back in 2009. Geragos has represented numerous celebrities, like Winona Ryder during her shoplifting conviction and Michael Jackson during his child molestation case.

But Brown is perhaps his biggest challenge or, rather, his most profitable. This particular pop star was just getting warmed up with Rihanna; his follow-up statement, “Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired,” seems a bit insincere in retrospect.

Here is a list of 8 other confrontations Brown has had in the past five years, in chronological order.

1. March 22, 2011.

Brown became violent in his dressing room moments after reflecting on his Good Morning America interview regarding questions about the Rihanna restraining order. No charges were filed, but Brown reportedly damaged a window, yelled at a segment producer, and left the building angry and shirtless.

2. June 14, 2012.

Brown and rapper Drake (and their subsequent body guards) got into a bottle-smashing brawl at a Manhattan club because Drake made it clear to Chris that he was “still f*****g Rihanna.” Police arrived after the drama took place, and no one was charged.

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3. November 1, 2012.

Brown appeared in court to determine whether or not he had violated his probation by, firstly, testing positive for cannabis while performing community service and, secondly, violating his restraining order by appearing at a party Rihanna was attending (dressed as an Islamic terrorist, no less).

4. January 28, 2013.

Brown jumped R&B singer Frank Ocean, or Ocean jumped Brown (depending on who you ask), over a parking space at Westlake studio.

5. June 22, 2013.

Brown was accused of assaulting  24-year-old Deanna Gines at an Orange County nightclub after he allegedly shoved her, which tore her knee ligaments. There was not enough evidence, however, to actually charge Brown.

6. June 25, 2013.

Brown was charged with a hit and run after allegedly rear-ending another vehicle in Los Angeles. But these charges were eventually dropped after a civil compromise was reached between Brown and the plaintiff.

7. October 23, 2013.

Brown, with a little assistance from his bodyguard, broke a 20-year-old fan’s nose outside the W Hotel in Washington, D.C. The fan, Isaac Parker, tried to photo-bomb a female fan’s photo op with Brown, and quickly discovered another one of Chris’ anger management deal breakers.

8. January 2, 2016.

After a women tried to take a picture of Brown at a private party at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, he allegedly tried to take her phone and then “struck her.” Like many of these altercations, Brown’s publicist paints a very different picture from what this witness reported, but who can even keep track at this point?