Miss Me Yet? Trump's Legacy Looks Better and Better Each Day Under Biden

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Remember the mean tweets? Man, what wouldn’t we give for mean tweets from the president right now, am I right?

Two days ago, I paid $4.199 per gallon for premium gas. I drive a 2010 Hyundai Elantra, a car that runs on 87 unleaded, but I had to fill up with premium because the first few gas stations I pulled into didn’t have an ounce of gasoline — I thanked my lucky stars when I found a station with premium, and I was happy to pay through the nose for it, because my tank was getting mighty low.

Last year, I paid $1.95 per gallon. What happened? A cyber attack on one of America’s major gas pipelines. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has taken aim at the gas industry, canceling the Keystone XL pipeline and announcing a moratorium on drilling on federal lands.

To be honest, when Donald Trump promised to build a wall on the southern border, I thought it was most a publicity stunt. Yet when Trump built that wall, cracked down on illegal immigration, and made “safe third country” deals with Central American countries to provide non-U.S. havens for asylum-seekers, he really got the border under control.

Last month, the U.S. saw a record number of immigrants taken into custody at the U.S.-Mexico border — and those are just the immigrants that law enforcement officials caught. This reversal came mere months after Biden announced a complete 180 from Trump’s immigration policies. Biden stopped building the wall, tied the hands of border agents, and even nixed Trump’s commonsense deals with Central American neighbors.

Oh, and isn’t something happening over in Israel? Yeah, Hamas found a pretext for war when Israel’s Supreme Court was about to evict Palestinian squatters who refused to pay rent. Hamas fired thousands of rockets into Israel, but thanks to the wonder of the Iron Dome interceptor system, the rockets have only killed ten people. Israel responded with precision-strikes, killing a prominent leader of the terrorist group Islamic Jihad.

Hamas claims that 201 Palestinians have died in the conflict, although Hamas’s numbers are notoriously unreliable and the terrorist group’s own misfired rockets may account for many of the casualties.

War seems endemic in the Middle East. Mere months ago, however, Israel was making historic peace deals with Arab Muslim nations. Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Muslim-majority KosovoSudan, and Morocco formally acknowledged the state of Israel, and Saudi Arabia was well on the way.

Trump had made historic inroads toward peace, but — just like the border — Biden rushed to erode all of his predecessor’s hard work.

Biden threw America’s support for Israel into doubt. He reached out to the Palestinians and restored more than $200 million in aid that the Trump administration had canceled. He took the Iranian-backed Houthis off the list of terrorist organizations. He announced his intention to rejoin the disastrous Iran nuclear deal.

As former Vice President Mike Pence put it, Biden has “replaced strength with weakness, moral clarity with confusion, and loyalty with betrayal. Biden’s [power vacuum] is being filled by America’s enemies — and Israelis are paying the price in blood.”

While Trump stood against the scourges of Marxist critical race theory, taxpayer funding for abortion, and government-mandated transgender ideology, Biden has reversed these stances, rushing to embrace the “everything is racist” mantra, restoring funding for Planned Parenthood, and even fighting to resurrect the mandate forcing Roman Catholic doctors to perform transgender surgery.

Even when it comes to the Garden of Heroes — a purely pro-American gesture that costs almost nothing compared to Biden’s $4 trillion in proposed spending — the new president refused to build on his predecessor’s legacy.

One aspect of American life has become better in the first few months under Biden — the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 represents the one arena in which Biden wisely built on Trump’s legacy, rather than rushing to erase it. The COVID-19 vaccines have broken the spell of lockdown fanatics and allowed America to inch toward post-pandemic normalcy.

Imagine if Biden had done on COVID-19 what he did to Trump’s policies on Israel and the border. If Biden had rejected the vaccines as tainted by his supposedly immoral predecessor, America might remain locked down for years, with face masks and social distancing becoming permanent features of social life. It seems there are some among us who bizarrely still hope for that eventuality.

Instead, Biden wisely kept the vaccines — how dare he suggest anything Trump had done was good! — and that one decision has mostly freed America from the clutches of the pandemic.

When he came into office, Biden had the chance to use his COVID-19 strategy for most of Trump’s policies. He could have slightly tweaked Trump’s successful approach on Israel and the border, while taking credit for Trump’s successes. He could have kept the Garden of Heroes and added a statue or two for non-binary LGBTQWTF people of color or something. Heck, he could have reverted to U.S. Senate Joe Biden and supported the Hyde Amendment or religious freedom.

Instead, Biden is wreaking havoc on America, unleashing gas shortages and inflation while opening the border and hanging Israel out to dry. He’s hyper-charging the divisive leftist ideologies that conflict with the best science on the beginning of life, biological sex, and the climate. He’s pushing the divisive claims of “institutional racism.”

Worse, Biden is taking aim at America’s economy, its allies, and its foundations while eroding the basic institutions that restrain government recklessness. His party is fighting to undermine the filibuster and he is winking at the idea of expanding the Supreme Court to further cement his agenda.

As prices rise, wars increase, and Americans grow steadily angrier at one another, we can all be thankful we put President Trump’s mean tweets behind us. Life may be concretely worse in many different ways, but at least the president isn’t offending those snowflakes at The Huffington Post.

I don’t always agree with Trump and I’m not sure if I want him to run for president in 2024, but each day under Joe Biden makes Trump look better and better.