The Kruiser Kabana Episode 58: If You're Not Day Drinking, You're Not Paying Attention

Here is a quick little end-of-the-week rambling bit of fun that I recorded at the end of last week.

Yeah, we end up talking about day drinking a lot here during plague times but I will not have my coping mechanisms be disparaged. I haven’t broken any windows or set anything on fire so let us pause for a moment and thank the Tucson craft beer scene for all it does to keep me on this side of the law.

Has fun been canceled for 2020? NO. It’s probably canceled through 2021 as well.

We all need ways to defuse this tedious plague/riot situation and I am now open to suggestions. It was simple during the first few months, but somewhere around the 600th Zoom happy hour, many are in danger of snapping. Three friends and I had a Zoom drinking hangout scheduled for this past Saturday night (it’s our plague time thing) and we were all so “meh” that none of us showed up.

This is a crisis, people.

Anyway, let me know what you’re doing to beat back the boredom because I could really use some tips.

While I try to keep my beer enjoyment as local as possible these days, I did try this magnificent 8.3% ABV gem from Tombstone Brewery, which is only about 70 miles from my house:

Na zdrowie!


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