MSNBC's Chris Hayes Has the Coldest Hot Takes in All of Liberal Hackdom

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Given the sheer number of thoroughly awful liberal media types roaming the Trump Derangement Syndrome landscape these days, one might think it would be difficult to pick out the worst of the bunch in any given week.

Well, I’m going to put in the effort, America.

Maybe “worst” isn’t the most accurate word for our purposes here. For this column, I really mean “dumbest.” That, my friends, is an easy choice — especially since the onset of the Coronapocalypse. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes has been on a real roll of stupid in the past four weeks, reaching new lows that even I couldn’t have imagined for him, and I genuinely cannot stand the guy.

Hayes is a prolific tweeter, a firehose of what you can just tell he believes are hot takes. To an objective observer, however, Hayes’s deep thoughts are so cold a parka is generally in order.

Before we proceed, it would do us well to remember that Hayes fancies himself a serious journalist:

The big investigative find there was that people in quarantine are going to the bathroom at home more and therefore using more of the toilet paper they buy for their homes. Real Woodward and Bernstein stuff. I know that I will sleep better with that knowledge.

Back to the hot takes. Here is one from earlier in the week and my reaction to it:

Hayes probably composed that tweet while repeatedly looking up to glance at himself in a mirror, then printed it out and slept with it under his pillow. It’s a rambling word salad that he no doubt believed to be positively Aristotelian. Mere mortals would never be able to grasp the connection between pogroms and a Zoom hangout.

Hayes’s Twitter feed is filled with that kind of intellectual cotton candy every day. I monitor the leftmedia all day so that you don’t have to. I know whence I speak.

Li’l Chris hit his low point this week with this:

He’s just putting that out there, you see, pretending that he “can’t quite bring” himself to believe it.


Hayes — like every other lefty journo — is rabidly anti-Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised to find him frothing were I somehow to happen upon him during one of his online anti-Trump screeds.

Floating a conspiracy theory like this in the name of ORANGE MAN BAD is egregiously irresponsible and a new low in journalistic malpractice even from someone who works for a network that has made malpractice an integral part of its mission statement.

This particular hot take of Hayes’s was so awful that people from different parts of the political spectrum immediately pounced on him.

Hayes and his ilk have been engaged in a nonstop campaign to make it seem as if President Trump and his administration haven’t been responding well to this crisis. Poll after poll the past couple of weeks have shown that — thankfully — the American public isn’t really listening to them. This insane conspiracy turn by Hayes seeks to make it seem as if this pandemic is being treated as merely one big PR opportunity by the president.

It will be a real joy to watch him melt down when a Trump Train full of karma washes over him in November.

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