American Elites Do Not Hate America, They Just Profit by Destroying It

American Elites Do Not Hate America, They Just Profit by Destroying It
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“It’s the fate of the nation and related matters that worries me.” Ivan C. Karp, Doobie Doo

American elites are not destroying America because they hate it, but because they profit from it. It is not that they hate America, the Constitution, or the American people, it is just that they do not care about them. What they care about above all is power and money. Their entire focus is on what brings them more power and money.

Who are these elites? They are the coastal and urban political elites, the security services, the big tech dictators, the industrial elite, Wall Street, the “heritage” mainstream media, and the academic elite, all almost entirely Democrat and increasingly far left in political commitment. Together these elites, through cooperation and collusion, form the American oligarchy that determines the state of the nation. As Lind puts it, “oligarchy’s essence is precisely the blurring and blending of public and private power in a partisan manner.”

One way that the elite gains power is through the breakdown of civil society. The Democrats have encouraged that breakdown through advocating racial, gender, other identity divisions among the population. Drawing on university-propounded academic theories of “critical racism” they have proclaimed the awful lie that America is blighted by “systemic racism.” On the basis of that lie, they demand that every child in school must learn that “whiteness” is evil and people of color are all helpless victims of evil whites and police. In other words, university professors and administrators, and Democrat politicians, applauded by the mainstream media, engage in race bating against American whites, who form the supermajority of the population. There could not be a clearer case of reverse racism. Advancing racial and gender hatred and fear among the population is the Democrat formula for drawing people to the Democrat government for protection. 

Knowing that any crisis is an opportunity to divide the population and impose controls, the Democrat Party has pushed the covid crisis, the imaginary climate crisis, the invented racism crisis to impose despotic socialist measures on the population. If there were no crisis, they would invent one or more, which is what they have already done. Their position is that the population is not competent to handle these Democrat-promoted crises, so the government must take over, using dictatorial powers. The Democrats have learned so much from their allies the Chinese Communist Party, and are now trying to put it into effect. True socialist societies have always been totalitarian, and the Democrats are doing their best to follow that example. As Codevilla explains, faced with the half of the American voters who supported Donald Trump, “the united oligarchy must seek, as The New York Times’ Jamelle Bouie put it, permanent ‘national political dominance.’”

The Democrats, through their officially endorsed militia, Black Lives Matter, have undermined peace and public safety by encouraging the riots, looting, arson, assault, and murder while they destroyed many inner cities and commercial establishments, as well as publicly owned buildings and vehicles. Remember that Black Lives Matter has been an honored part of the Democrat Party, having been invited to Democrat Conventions. Democrat politicians, particularly now Vice President Harris, said that the uprising must continue, and contributed to a bail-out fund so that rioters could continue rioting. The mainstream media repeatedly claimed that the riots were “mostly peaceful,” leading to amusing news clips of media reporters repeating this lie as buildings burned in the background. 

Part of this same Democrat endeavor was defunding the police and disbanding effective police programs, resulting in huge spikes in violent crime, including shootings and murders, in the usual Democrat cities. The Black Lives Matter claim that black Americans were constantly at risk from police and white of being murdered was the justification, although the inconvenient fact is that black criminals are not killed more often than white criminals, and that most black victims of murder, some ninety percent, are killed by black criminals. Police are killed more frequently by black men than unarmed black men are killed by police. 

The BLM and Democrat lie that blacks are in danger of being murdered by whites and police is another ploy for Democrats to hold black voters captive. Most blacks vote Democrat, even though the Democrat run cities in which they live are disasters. That the Democrats have been defunding the police means that more and more blacks will be shot and murdered by black criminals, never mind the far above average assaults, robberies, arsons, and rapes. So the actual welfare of black Americans is not important to BLM or the Democrats; only their allegiance is important. 

The Democrat Party and its colluding elites in the media and security services, having already exacerbated the race divide in the country, have gone farther and declared that anyone who voted for Republicans, and Republican officials themselves, were “domestic terrorists” engaged in an insurrection aimed at overthrowing the American Government and murdering Democrat politicians. The FBI and other security services have mobilized to bring the full force of their partisanship on those who attended the Trump Washington rally and those who demonstrated peacefully at the Capitol. As to the unruly, unarmed rioters at the Capitol, they have been declared not only insurrectionists, but also white supremacist insurrectionists, although there is not an iota of evidence to support this claim. The security services, who stood down while BLM and Antifa, the anarchist domestic terrorists, destroyed cities across America, have brought out their swat teams to capture in their homes unarmed Trump-supporting demonstrators. This is an attempt to discredit and disenfranchise the half of the voting population who voted for President Trump and who remain appalled at the Democrat dirty electoral tricks that continue to throw doubt on the results of the 2020 Presidential election. It is an important step in the Democrat attempt at implementing a one-party state. The Democrats are not many steps away from carrying out a coup d’état. 

The Democrat deep state is fully on side with one-party rule. President Biden has implemented a purge throughout the government of “extremists” who might not support the Democrat one-party state plans. For many years it has been difficult to find anyone who is not militantly partisan for the Democrats in the Department of Justice, the Department of State, and the security agencies. But all are being given the litmus test of anti-white “anti-racist” training, in which whites are told that “whiteness” is evil and must be rejected and abandoned. Imagine the equivalent: telling African Americans that their “blackness” is evil and must be rejected, or Asian Americans that their “Asianness” is evil and must be rejected; the country would be outraged. General officers in the military are competing at being more woke, and determined to rid their ranks of any “extremist” who is against killing babies or may have not voted for Biden, and to implement racial and gender quotas to guarantee more “diversity.” What about fighting and winning against adversaries? No, no, that’s just racist. Besides, they know that China is their friend, or at least they are China’s friends.

The Democrat open border policy is another clear case of disregard for the interests of American citizens. Business and finance leaders who contribute to the Democrat Party know that the large flow of poorly educated and skilled illegal aliens floods the labor market and drives wages down. That illegal aliens steal job opportunities from the poorest American citizens, including Americans of color, is the preferred outcome. Democrat politicians see in the flood of illegal aliens future voters for the Democrat Party. The Democrat legislation to remove all security measures from voting would allow illegal aliens to vote without restraint, thus undermining the legitimacy of elections. The opening of the border is a violation of the law which forbids illegal entry, as are all of the sanctuary cities, states, and universities. Any administration that implements open borders is therefore a scofflaw administration that is purposely undermining the rule of law.  

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Not content with lowering the cost of labor in America, industrial elites have exported jobs to China and elsewhere, undercutting the American working class. Manufacturers, such as Apple, have kowtowed to the Chinese Communist Party to gain access to the vast Chinese labor and consumer market. So too with the professional sports leagues, who silence any criticism of China. The movie industry cancels any project that might offend the CCP, self-censoring on any controversial issues. American big tech cooperates with the CCP and follows its dictates. American politicians, notably the Biden family, takes direct payouts from the CCP. For the American elite, China is not an adversary who intends to displace America as the world’s superpower; no, for the elite, China is a cash cow. Whether China takes over the world or not appears to be a matter of indifference to the American elites. 

Aren’t American citizens worried about these anti-democratic maneuvers? They might be, if they received any objective information about what the elites were doing. But public information, which in the past the “free press” provided, and recently the “social media” tech giants allowed to circulate, has become little more than Democrat propaganda as the press and social media have given up on objectivity and chosen to shape the news, or censor it, in order to advance the political forces that they favor. As Lee Smith puts it, “the media and its Democratic Party masters partner to deceive the public and advance their destructive causes.” Heritage mainstream media such as the New York Times and the Washington Post have been militantly partisan, their articles streams of creative lies and fabrications such as the 1619 Project. The tech giants also sent billions of dollars to support Democrat politicians. The payoff is the hiring of numerous tech officials into the higher levels of the Biden administration. The collusion between the media and the Democrat Party leaves American voters in the dark about what is really going on, which, after all, is the point. 

Not enough credit has been given to our colleges and universities for transforming the mindset of our elites to socialism and the necessity of one-party control. Since the 1960s, higher education has been increasingly dominated by marxism in its many varieties. The identity politics of feminists, LGBEQ++ activists, and race militants is after all just an encouragement of class conflict beyond the traditional marxist economic classes. Courses and programs in gender, black and ethnic studies, and race have all trained students in anti-Americanism, and unleashed them on the wider society. All of our elites—teachers, reporters, lawyers, government employees, businessmen, legislators, military leaders—have been socialized, enculturated, and formed at universities. They have all been taught that capitalism is bad and socialism is good. We are now enjoying the intended effects of radical social science, humanities, education, and social work professors and programs. At the root of all we see today, lies our corrupt and rotten universities. 

What do you call a society in which the educational, media, industrial, financial, and military elites collude with a dominant political party? We have seen this before in National Socialist Germany, in Fascist Italy, and Stalinist USSR, and today in Communist China. These are all societies in which the elites live well, and everyone else lives badly, if they are allowed to live at all. It is totalitarianism. We have not quite reached pure despotism and totalitarianism in America, but the elites are working hard to bring it to fruition. 

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