MyPillow CEO: Support for Trump Remains Firm Despite 'All the Attacks'

MyPillow CEO: Support for Trump Remains Firm Despite 'All the Attacks'
Michael Lindell of MyPillow laughs with President Donald Trump during a "Made in America" roundtable event at the White House in Washington on July 19, 2017. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

WASHINGTON – Michael Lindell, founder and CEO of MyPillow, told PJM that President Trump’s economic policies are working and brushed off suggestions that his pillow sales might slump due to his public backing of the president.

Lindell, who appears in infomercials to promote his pillow, joined Trump on a “Made in America Panel” with business leaders at the White House last July.

“I would not want anyone in this country to be my president other than him. I talked to his employees and it’s like talking to my employees, so I went all in. My company was already doing great but now I see other companies doing great in everything we talked about. He has not let me down. Every person I talked to, ‘wow, Mike, you were right,’” Lindell said during an interview at former White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s recent book launch event at the Trump International Hotel.

“Black unemployment set an all-time low since they’ve been keeping track in Minnesota. Where my factory is at, it seems like everybody is employed now and everybody is finally paying high wages like I was already paying. I create careers at MyPillow. It’s creating careers in this country; I’m so excited about what the president’s doing,” he added.

Lindell shared his opinion of Trump based on his one-on-one interactions with the president when the cameras are turned off.

“His heart is to help the country. To anybody that thinks anything different, I met him. I put all my credibility and integrity on the president. He is the real deal – this guy is the real deal. He made his promises and he’s keeping them,” he said.

Lindell revealed that people had warned him that he might not sell as many pillows if he supports Trump.

“I would not put all my credibility in 100 percent if I didn’t believe in something. I get approached with products all the time and I don’t take just any product. One thing is that I’ve got to believe in something 100 percent, and that’s the way I am with President Trump,” he said.

Lindell said the Better Business Bureau attacked his business after Trump was elected president.

“I don’t know if that was political. They took MyPillow from an A-plus to an F because​​ I didn’t take down my ads that they wanted​ taken down and it was all weird,” he said.

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota said their board of directors revoked MyPillow’s accreditation on Dec. 15, 2016, “based on a pattern of complaints from consumers” and violating an advertising rule that says perpetual “buy one, get one” offers trick customers into thinking they’re not paying regular price.

Lindell said that “all the attacks, now, I’ve got people for every one person who attacked me, 50 of them are behind me that backed me up and the whole country got behind MyPillow.”

The CEO argued that Trump is “spot on” with his trade policies.

“I know the stuff I had to deal with, Canada and the NAFTA deal, it was not good for our country. I can testify to that myself,” he said. “For me, I would never make my pillow overseas and it is a lot of things that don’t work with that – you’re waiting on product or maybe your footprint changes, and it’s been very unfair for years and years.”

He continued, “Once again, he’s the most pragmatic president. He gets things done. He finds a problem. He’s a problem-solver, that’s what he does. The tariffs were a big problem and, you know, wait and see what the outcome is going to be, it’s going to be amazing and fair. We have a president that realizes where we need to get to. And you know? He knows best.”

Lindell told PJM that certain stations have tried to “boycott” his pillow but he is going to continue to speak publicly about Trump’s policies.

“I do best for my customers and for my employees and I’m not going to change what I believe right here in my heart,” he said.

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