Michael Moore on Paris Attacks: We Must Find a 'Place of Peace'

In response to the terrorist attacks in Paris, filmmaker Michael Moore said America needs to be in a “place of peace” and should not use young men and women for war in the Middle East.

Moore was asked how he thinks the United States should respond to the attacks carried out by ISIS in Paris. To date, more than 130 people have been killed and more than 350 were injured.

“I think that we first of all need to be in a place of peace. We need to go and not use our young men and women to conduct war anymore – that’s over,” Moore told PJM before the Washington premiere of his new film Where to Invade Next. “You don’t go down to the level of the people who are the murderers and become murderers yourselves. I think those days, I hope, are over.”

In the new film, Moore’s first in six years, the Academy Award winner travels to various countries to learn about their solutions to social and economic problems.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said France’s strict gun laws could have contributed to the reason ISIS targeted Paris.

“I hear it all the time, you know. You look at certain cities that have the highest violence, the highest problem with guns and shootings and killings – Chicago is an example, toughest gun laws in the United States, nothing but problems,” Trump said. “So our country better get smart because we’re not smart right now.”

PJ Media asked Moore if he agreed with Trump’s comments.

“I continue to enjoy the Donald Trump performance or show and I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon,” Moore replied.

When asked whom he is supporting for president, Moore, the director of films including Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling For Columbine, said he is still undecided.

“I haven’t decided yet but I will decide because I vote. I am an American,” he said.