The Left Has Gone from 'Orange Man Bad' to 'White Man Bad'—and It's Going to Backfire

AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa

It boggles the minds of people who are relative political outsiders. People who follow politics, and understand that it is a rough business, could never have imagined the lengths that the Democratic Party establishment, the Deep State, and the majority-leftist press would go to destroy a candidate, a president-elect, a president, and now, a commander-in-chief seeking a second term.

The litany is etched into consciousness. Russian collusion and Mueller. The perfect Ukraine call and impeachment. Finally, the stage-management of the hysteria surrounding COVID-19, a virus everyone knows can be extremely nasty, but that has not proved—in pretty swift retrospect—to represent an existential threat.

But let’s not bury this essay’s lede. Focus today is on the latest narrative tableau the left hopes will overturn the Trump reelection apple cart once and for all. It must be spelled out plainly: The sad reality of George Floyd’s death and resultant civil unrest as justification for doubling-down on the criminalization of whiteness. With the president as Exhibit A.

It’s like, how much can you fear one man’s impact? How can everything these entities ever wanted in terms of power, globalism, socialism, be threatened by one individual? Apparently, the fear is all-consuming, epic even, if fear can be described as epic. Hate is the corollary. They tipped their hand long ago—their agenda is so counterintuitive to the firmament of American values, so destructive to everything the nation stands for, that President Trump’s challenge to it caused them to go completely unhinged, to pull out every stop, legal, quasi-legal, and illegal, to stop him. That challenge inspired an unprecedented resistance movement that has taken the country to the precipice of another election.

“Orange man bad” is the simplified meme that has come to describe the sickness.

Any citizen not deeply propagandized and programmed by the Democratic Socialist left knows this: In the eyes of most American people, the Democrat vision for the future is cripplingly weak. So tangibly fragile that one businessman and his vision has tilted the opposition party into a realm of derangement, and into the business of cowering before and even fomenting the utter madness and incomprehensibility we see playing out across the nation right now.

Another meme: Whatever accusation Democrats level is what they’re guilty of. Could it be that malignly simple?

Russian collusion, when it was Hillary Clinton’s dirty dossier all along. The Obama administration, burning the midnight oil to derail Trump while Putin’s ineffectual interference in 2016 proceeded under the radar. Adam Schiff, punked by Russians while trolling for “naked pictures of Trump.” The Ukraine impeachment, when it is inarguable that Trump’s 2020 adversary Joe Biden has the most to fear from Ukrainian revelations—he’s up to his eyeballs in quid pro quo.

Then the Wuhan virus, bad enough on its own, certainly cause for some early and strict preventative measures while virulence and contractibility factors were ascertained. Coronavirus quickly became the crisis not to be wasted, and the inescapable sense now is that the left moved into crisis capitalization with the wolfish perception that they finally had an ace of spades to play against Mr. Trump and his administration. They would hammer home the idea that it was Trump’s failure to respond to the virus in a timely manner, his intrinsic ineptitude, that caused thousands of stateside deaths.

But Biden himself was against Trump’s Chinese travel ban before he was for it. There will never be any way to know how many more people would have died had Biden’s hemming, hawing, and haplessly politically-correct brand of “leadership” been calling the shots. Tragic outcomes in nursing homes and eldercare facilities, often made worse by elected Democrat officials like Governors Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen “Shutdown Artist” Whitmer. And Speaker Pelosi, cavorting in San Francisco’s Chinatown with the respiratory invader looming on the Pacific horizon.

Then COVID began to run its course, both micro-biologically, and in terms of its value as an “orange man bad” cudgel. Even as face masks replace “pussy” hats as a signal of resistance solidarity, it has become increasingly clear that Trump’s quick action—notwithstanding the sketchy flip-flopping from certain members of his task force–saved many lives. The final nail in the coffin of pandemic panic came with the left’s open embrace of the mass protests, and tacit unresponsiveness to the rioting and looting. That embrace put the lie to every tyrannical restriction they had previously sought to impose.

As America began to reopen and unemployment ticked down, with the pre-COVID economy poised to roar back, the Democrats needed a new avenue of attack. And they are jamming it right down Main Street with the politicization of George Floyd’s death and the resultant conflagration it has wrought.

This unfortunate episode is providing the left with the opportunity to double-down on what it believes is a powerful anti-Trump message: America and its president are racist. And the guilt of being born a member of the white race is an intractable sin that must be atoned for. Watch the historical statues come down. Watch the Lincoln Memorial become vandalized. The beginning of the end of American history started in academia. The end of that history, if not checked, starts here.

It is tempting to say that this horrid assertion about the racism of the country is the worst they can do in the run-up to November 3rd. But the election of Donald Trump has shown millions of political outsiders in the swing states and flyover country just how far things will be taken to return America to the globalist, socialist, centrally-powered totalitarian trajectory it was on before Trump threw a monkey wrench into the works.

A double-down on the criminalization of whiteness is bad. It is hard to imagine worse. But here we are.

The silver lining in all this may be that the left doesn’t seem to grasp the reservoir of goodwill and fair-mindedness it will squander if it continues down its present path. It doesn’t seem to understand just who it is they are forcing to circle the wagons—a nation populated by white people who vehemently oppose racism and bigotry in all its ugly manifestations. Further, it fails to factor that many “people of color,” while cognizant of some racist taints in our history, will reject this broad-brush allegation against contemporary fellow citizens.

The left is pushing a dangerous envelope here, worse than collusion, impeachment, and coronavirus crisis opportunism combined.

Jesus said, “Forgive them, Father, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). It is one of the best things Jesus, or anybody, has ever said.

It grows ever more likely that a winning majority of voters in this great nation understand that the president was illegally targeted by left-wingers in the Deep State, and that he is not responsible for and acted prudently in response to coronavirus.

Now, with the Democrat Party’s core message centering on the unbearable awfulness of America and “white man bad,” odds are that they will turn out in a decidedly unforgiving state of mind.