Allah in the Family: The Latest Islamic Violence-at-a-Glance

(AP Photo/Peter Morrison, File)

Yes, I’m going there.

We all know Islam is the “Religion of Peace.” Tell that to these people.

Baptism by Gunfire

Tin-Akof, Burkina Faso, May 18, 2021: At least 15 people were massacred at a baptism — that means Christian — party in western Africa. The murders are attributed to the Islamic State. Muslim violence isn’t rare in Burkina Faso. Fifty people, including an Irish conservationist and 2 Spanish journalists, were killed in a busy seven-day stretch in April. More than 17,500 people have been displaced in a recent 10-day period.

The Religion of Pieces

Nairobi, Kenya, May 12, 2021: Christian pastor Thomas Chikooma was killed and had his tongue cut out (it remains unclear which happened first) for preaching Christianity to Muslims. Chikooma, a pentecostal pastor, had been invited to an open-air debate in a taxi park to debate Islam and Christianity. Mostly peaceful Muslims began yelling, “Allahu Akbar!” Chikooma and his son immediately left the taxi stand but didn’t get far. Soon, men approached on motorcycles and the son took off through a plantation. Pastor Chikooma’s body was found shortly thereafter in a large puddle of blood, beheaded with his tongue cut out.

Honor System

Tehran, Iran, May 19, 2021: The body of London-based film director Babak Khorramdin was found in garbage bags and a suitcase. An argument broke out between Khorramdin and his father about Babak’s “unmarried status” (that means he was gay). The father admitted to police that he committed the “honor killing,” telling cops he anesthetized his son before stabbing him to death and then dismembering him. The police are investigating.

Kidney You Not

Modi’in, Israel, May 19, 2021: A settler kidney donated from Arab lynching victim Yigal Yehoshua, 56, found it’s way into Randa Awis, a 58-year-old Arab resident of Jerusalem.

“I wish for peace between us Jews and Arabs. All my life I have lived with Jews and there has never been such a thing. It hurts me for the little children who are harmed in this war. There should be peace between us,” she said. “I feel much better now. This Jewish kidney has now become a part of me. My daughter grew up with Jews and speaks Hebrew like them. We are all human beings.”

Close to Home

ISIS supporters, unhappy with President Joe Biden’s reactions to the recent fighting between Hamas and Israel, released a creepy image of Biden on his knees with is hands tied behind his back, about to lose his head. This comes about a month after Biden agreed to send Palestinians $235 million in aid.

Fiends of The Week Award

Kabul, Afghanistan, May 10, 2021: A bomb set to go off outside a girls’ school killed at least 85 people, mostly young girls. The school is in a majority-minority Hazara Shia neighborhood. Authorities blame the Taliban. The attack came roughly one week after U.S. and NATO forces began withdrawing.

Comic Relief

Three suicide bombers on a motorcycle, destined for glory at a local hotel, missed their day of splendor. They were pulled over outside of town and their time-sensitive bomb detonated, killing the three would-be martyrs and no one else, and ghosting a combined total of 216 virgins.