ISIS Unveils Their Wookie Sniper Squad in the Sinai

A new batch of PR photos from ISIS shows jihadists draped in furry camouflage among the brush on the Sinai peninsula.

ISIS said the group pictured were graduating from a sniper course.

The group claimed responsibility for taking down a Russian airliner over the desert on Halloween, and later published in Dabiq magazine photos of what ISIS says was the bomb — constructed out of a soda can.

Nearly a month later, ISIS attacked a hotel in al-Arish, killing several people by means of a car bomb, a suicide bomber and a gunman.

ISIS has conducted a heavy recruiting campaign this year targeted at Egyptians, arguing that the Muslim Brotherhood hasn’t done enough to topple President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

They’ve promised that they have a contingent of suicide bombers and a weapons stockpile to go after “the Egyptian army collaborator with the Zionists in the Sinai.”

ISIS said last spring that they’re under “huge pressure” to accept new recruits but building “strong organizational structure” is their first priority.