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Tony Corvo is a retired Air Force officer with a Ph.D. in physics. Tony’s Air Force career included flying as a flight test engineer in jet aircraft and as a high energy laser scientist for the “Star Wars” program. In his post military career, he worked for several defense contractors and as a college adjunct physics instructor. After finally being able to settle in one location, Tony became involved in local issues and helped start and operate several political action committees. Out of those experiences, he wrote the book, All Politics is Loco: Musings from the Conservative Next Door. He has written for the Ohio Conservative Review and the Dayton Daily News, and currently is also a freelance writer for Heartland Institute. He and his wife live in Beavercreek, Ohio, and have two grown daughters.

Is this a long-term trend, or just a momentary bump in the road for feminists?
Haven’t we been demanding that schools do more than teach facts and conduct tests?
He claims the city violated his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.
Siri, what is cursive?
Unfortunately, Gov. Kasich denies RTW is even needed in his state.
Students graduate with job-ready skills and certifications.