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Phil Baker is a product development expert as well as an award winning journalist and author covering high tech. He hosts a gadget blog at BakerOnTech.com. Phil holds over 30 patents and has been an executive for a number of high technology companies. He’s been responsible for bringing scores of well-known consumer tech products to market. Phil is the author of “From Concept to Consumer,” a former columnist for the San Diego Transcript, and founder of Techsperts, Inc., a product development company.

The hackers masqueraded as a modified version of Pandora's music streaming service.
Charges mounted on parents’ credit cards as kids made purchase after purchase while playing games.
They are left on sidewalks and in front of doorways and have become a nuisance and eyesore.
T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T are selling access to their customers’ location data to just about anyone.
A quarter of American adults use this feature believing it's protecting their privacy.
When really all they're getting is 4G with a sneaky new logo.