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Lee Smith is a Washington, DC-based writer and visiting fellow at the Hudson Institute. He’s a frequent contributor to the Weekly Standard on Middle East issues.

The inside scoop.
Tehran\'s quest to overthrow the existing order and dominate the Persian Gulf region is being cleverly strategized.
Putting race aside, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright affair reveals much about a potential Obama administration\'s foreign policy.
Former Obama adviser Samantha Power's blunders are a lesson in what happens when the book-writing, cocktail party crowd take on real-life politics, writes Lee Smith.
If it weren't for its support for Israel, the United States would have gotten along just fine with Saddam Hussein and have warm ties with Iran and enjoy popularity across the Middle East... right? Lee Smith reviews Steven Walt and John Mearsheimer's book %%AMAZON=0374177724 The Israel Lobby%% and concludes that a Jewish state has done nothing to curtail anti-Semitism.