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Edward K. Watson is the discoverer of a unique feature of the New Testament: it is the world’s only unedited, frameless, correlative anthology – the only empirical evidence that provides a very high probability that it is inspired by God. He specializes in creating and editing correlative anthologies like proposals and project execution plans for very large projects, including many above $1 billion in total installed cost. Ed lives in Calgary, Canada and is the author of Is Jesus “God”? and Ode to Jesus (forthcoming, 2018). His website is https://edwardkwatson.com/

WRITTEN BY Edward K. Watson
Word accuracy matters.
Ground rules for engaging in an honest exchange of ideas.
There are two possibilities: “nothing” caused it to come into being or “something” triggered it into existence.
The New Testament gives us hope that the universe will not stay silent forever!
The overwhelming silence of the universe is puzzling—even unthinkable—given what we know.
Which is the more likely explanation for man: nothing, God, or aliens? Which claim is more extraordinary?