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B. Daniel Blatt blogs at GayPatriot.

WRITTEN BY B. Daniel Blatt
If gay voters choose to sit out the election, it could mean Democratic losses in tight races.
Judge Walker put together an eloquent moral case for gay marriage, but his analysis of the law was poor. His decision may very well be overturned.
President Obama has avoided the mistakes of Bill Clinton and gotten the military and important congressmen to go along with ending DADT.
Last week, the results of two votes on gay marriage painted a clear picture of the current mood on the topic.
The Republican Party needs to redefine itself as conservative.
Many gays have turned on Obama, the Democrats, and the establishment gay organizations that continue to walk in lockstep with the left. (See B. Daniel Blatt and Roger L. Simon at PJTV: "Gay Bloggers Outraged, New Friends on the Right?")