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UN Climocrat Deserts the Sinking UNFCCC

Polar bears may be doing fine, but the climate commissars of the United Nations are feeling the heat, as their claims of scientific “consensus” melt under them. Now we have the first big UN climocrat to desert the cooling/warming/sinking ship. Yvo de Boer, head of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, has announced he will be resigning as of July 1, 2010.

De Boer’s departure can’t come soon enough. For almost four years, this ramped-up Dutch bureaucrat has been one of the chief purveyors of climate alarmism, carbon-emitting his way around the globe from Bonn to Bali to Copenhagen, pushing UN plans for a global “climate change regime.”

Who is this guy? If you’ve tuned in to coverage of any of those grand UN pow-wows, where potentates gather around the cracked-crab buffets and Bali beach cabanas to determine your carbon rations, de Boer has been one of the stern faces at the podium — lecturing us all on the need to avert apocalypse by re-engineering the economy of the planet as he sees fit.

No one elected de Boer to his high-level perch. He was appointed in August, 2006 as one of the parting gifts to the world of the same former Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who presided as the UN’s chief administrator of the giant scam known as Oil-for-Food. De Boer is neither a scientist nor an economist. His UN bio tells us he has a “technical degree in social work for the Netherlands.” Just before Annan exalted him to climate chief of the world, de Boer held the job of — are you impressed yet? — Director of International Affairs of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment of the Netherlands. (That’s especially rich in light of de Boer’s apparent obliviousness that UN warnings about the impending deluge of Holland were, like the warnings about melting Himalayan glaciers, somewhat over-excited).

Not that de Boer is recanting any of his own cant. In announcing his resignation, he tried to slide around the mush of the UN’s Copenhagen climate summit last December. He made no mention of such climategate revelations as the leaked East Anglia emails or the recent BBC interview in which one of the pillars of UN climate “science,” Phil Jones, admitted that for the past 15 years he has found no statistically signficant evidence of global warming (not that Jones seems able to keep track of his own data).

Instead, de Boer told the press: “I have always maintained that while governments provide the necessary policy framework, the real solutions must come from business.” And so, never a man to abandon his beliefs, he now believes “The time is ripe for me to take on a new challenge, working on climate and sustainability with the private sector and academia.” Apparently, his concern for the planet now impels him to move on to a consultancy with the well-heeled accounting firm of KPMG. (Though not before putting in four more months pushing yet again — science? what’s science? — for yet another UN effort, scheduled for November in Mexico City, to try to clinch the global climate “regime” that eluded de Boer and his buddies in Copenhagen).

But before celebrating too much over the departure of de Boer, beware. For the climate commissars of the UN, many of their pals in the big business community, and a lot of national potentates, “climate change” has already become a gravy train of  extraordinary dimensions. Al Gore alone has become a tycoon with a Nobel prize. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has made it a leading theme of his leadership at the UN. Climate guru Rajendra Pachauri is saying hell, no, he won’t go. Whatever this scene once had to do with “climate” or “science” or “environment” or “earth,” it is by now largely about unaccountable and in many cases unelected figures amassing money and power. Good-bye and good riddance, one hopes, to Yvo de Boer. But this monster he helped create is not going to die without a long and grueling fight.