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Other Way Round, in Normandy

“Obama honors D-Day Heroes on 65th anniversary of invasion,” says a headline today in the LA Times.

Sorry, guys, but if anything, it’s the other way round. Simply by being there for the speeches, the D-Day heroes were honoring anyone who spoke on that stage today — among them, Obama. As President of the United States, he enjoys that position of honor by virtue of his office. Whether he will now earn that honor by protecting and defending the free country those veterans fought for … that’s still a big question.

Here’s my take on his recent trip to Cairo, written just before he delivered his speech, but same difference, same worries. Where Ronald Reagan stood up to the Soviets and said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” seems like the Obama approach would be, “”Let’s talk about this wall.” Or, as one reader wrote in, “Gee, you built a NICE WALL there.”