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Durban II in a Nutshell

From Geneva last week, working with Roger Simon to cover the UN’s racist conference on racism, starring Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and officially known as the Durban Review Conference, I filed a column for on the UN’s Durban II Debacle .

In that column I mentioned the two watchdog NGOs that have provided great insight into the tyrannical and bigoted underpinnings of this conference. Here are the video clips in which they tried last week to make their statements from the floor of the UN conference chamber — interrupted, in both cases, by an envoy of Iran:

Here’s the video of Hillel Neuer, of Geneva-based UN Watch. (And from the transcript below the video frame, here’s a sample of Iran’s attempt to shut him up. Note the objection on procedural grounds to Neuer telling the truth:

IRAN: Thank you Mr. Chairman. We should kindly advise the speaker to confine his observation to the theme of item number 9 and reframe from making references to names of countries—member state countries. Otherwise, according to your ruling, he should be stopped from continuation of his speech.�

And here’s Anne Bayefsky, of New York-based

These clips are not only Durban II in a nutshell. This is how the entire UN functions. And, if you’re an American taxpayer, the biggest share of it is on your dime.