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How About a UN Food-for-Rockets Program in Gaza?

So now we have UN Security Council Resolution 1860 on Gaza, calling for “an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire,” in which Israeli forces will pull out, and aid will pour in.

This follows a parade of statements  at the UN from worthies including the envoys of Cuba, Venezuela and, of course, Iran — terror-master of both Hamas in Gaza (cause of the current war) and Hezbollah in Lebanon (cause of the 2006 war). Iran was particularly miffed that anyone should gainsay the Israeli-focused genocidal ambitions of Hamas, chosen by a Gaza population which in 2006 “exercised its right to vote, the most basic principle of democracy.” Actually, democracy also requires just rule of law and civilized behavior after the vote. For a sample of “democracy” Hamas style, see this latest column, “Hamas’s Other War,” by my FDD colleague Cliff May, who points out (as the MSM has not) that just last weekend dozens of Palestinians were murdered in cold blood, or shot in the legs, or had their hands broken — not by Israelis, but by Hamas. The victims were members of the rival Palestinian organization, Fatah. 

Anyway, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah are all dedicated to the destruction of Israel, so whatever the UN Security Council might resolve about peace and ceasefires, get ready for more wars. Part of the immediate problem is that Gaza is a giant UN welfare project, operating by grace and favor of the local authorities — a.k.a. the terrorist group, Hamas. This unholy union makes for neither peace nor prosperity. The only significant industries in Gaza are aid and terrorism — arranged in ways that tend to support each other. More on that in my column this week for, on the UN refugee agency for Palestinians, UNRWA, which is headquartered in Gaza: “Gaza Bedfellows UNRWA and Hamas.”

What to do? Well, those who favor democratic states over terrorist enclaves can hope that Israel in its own defense has destroyed enough Hamas munitions, arms-smuggling tunnels and other terrorist infrastructure to buy a serious breather for a while on the Gaza front. That’s hugely important because Israel may soon have to focus its energies on the problems that will arise in the Middle East — and beyond — when Iran, in violation of at least five UN Security Council resolutions, completes its nuclear bomb.

As for the UN’s stated desire for peace — since the UN objects so strongly to Israel’s efforts to disarm Hamas, how about the UN actually pitching in for a change? For that, I have a practical suggestion. There’s nothing to stop Scretary-General Ban Ki-Moon from proposing a Food-for-Rockets aid program for Gaza. Instead of just shoveling free goods into the Hamas-controlled enclave, why not demand that Hamas hand over a rocket, a bomb, a stack of suicide vests, for every aid truck the Israelis wave through those crossings?

At least that would put some of the onus for Palestinian welfare on Hamas. It would neatly help clarify their priorities — guns or butter. And it would be a lot more pleasant both for the Israelis and for the Palestinian children now being used by Hamas as human shields. It might even go some distance to redeem that big blot on the UN known as Oil-for-Food. The idea here is a UN swap program that would help defang tyrannical thugs, instead of subsidizing them. Of course, it would have to wind down as Hamas ran out of munitions to trade for food, fuel, medicine and other humanitarian items. How would the UN be able to tell? Well, one indicator would be an end to the attacks out of Gaza on Israel. It might not lead to lasting peace, but it would probably work a lot better than Resolution 1860. How about it, Mr. Ban? Food-for-Rockets.