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How the UN in NY Handles Its Own Security, and America's -- Watch and Weep

Immune to U.S. law, and now getting a $2 billion renovation of its headquarters where thousands of international staff work in NY, the UN acts as a gaping portal into America for who-knows-what. Among the culprits nabbed in recent years, in cases in which the evidence of wrong-doing was so rife that the UN Secretary-General took the rare and entirely discretionary action of waiving their immunity, there have been perpetrators of money laundering, bribery and visa scams on UN letterhead. On the broader front, there was the buzz of activity with which private agents of Saddam Hussein — hauling bags of cash — fringed the UN Oil-for-Food program, and of course such howlers as the UN Development Program quietly providing funds to fly officials of the North Korean government, business class, to its board meetings in NY — this being the same nuclear-proliferating North Korean government that was recently caught by U.S. Senate investigators laundering money in 2002 through UN-related accounts. Now, Fox 5 News takes an in-depth look at one of the UN security guards, video here. She says she’s done no wrong, and doesn’t know what they’re talking about. They report. What will the UN decide?