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What'$ It Worth to Prai$e the UN?

News Flash, from the same UN where Kofi Annan’s team can barely contain its glee over the departure of John Bolton. This concerns that perennial love-interest of the UN bureaucracy — money — and one of Bolton’s foes in the Secretariat, Annan’s deputy, a.k.a. George Soros’s tenant, Mark Malloch Brown. Thanks to persistent questioning by Matthew Russell Lee of the Inner City Press, we now learn that two years ago, while heading the UN Development Program, Malloch Brown launched a project in which a historian was hired by the UNDP to produce a book, recently published, that is basically a paean to the UNDP: “The United Nations Development Programme: A Better Way?”

Total cost, out of funds one might have supposed the UNDP was spending on helping the poor? $567,000, which included $252,000 paid to the author, Wellesley College professor Craig Murphy; $91,559 for research and editing, and $55,452 paid by the UNDP to buy copies of the book from the publisher. You can read the rest of Matthew’s eye-opening story here, and if you scroll down from that item, he’s got plenty more about the hijinks of the UNDP — which for reasons not entirely clear, though no doubt Craig Murphy could illuminate them for us, is widely regarded as one of the UN’s better operations. If you have an appetite after that for even more UN-alia, here’s a link to an excellent story by my sometime co-author at Fox News, George Russell, on yet more odd doings, in another part of the UN system, UNDESA, including a short-term consultancy that brought in a $118,000 fee for the consultant (this on top of the scandal of missing millions, in which UNDESA is already embroiled).