The Rosett Report

Receipts for Rockets

In the continuing saga of Hezbollah’s “social services,” the U.S. Treasury has just tipped out a great example of how such terrorist charity really works — mingling toys-for-tots with cash-for-katyushas. On Tuesday, Treasury added to its list of banned terrorist-related outfits a “Key Hizballah Fundraising Organization,” a charity called the Islamic Resistance Support Organization, or IRSO, which has been soliticing donations internationally via Hezbollah’s terrorist TV station, Al Manar (target last week of a federal arrest in New York). Donors fill out forms which invite them to tick off from a menu of options how they’d like their money spent. These include:

– Collection box project for the children and homes.
– Equipping a mujahid project.
– Contribution to the cost of a rocket.
– Contribution to the cost of bullets.

There is, of course, a monthly subscription plan.

The sample IRSO documents released by Treasury include a receipt for someone who gave money to help fund a rocket. Here they are in Arabic and in Treasury’s English translation. I guess the good news is, not only are these IRSO donations now banned in the U.S., but anyone who’s been salting away this kind of IRSO “charity” receipt really ought to forget about it as a tax deduction.