The Rosett Report

What was America's president doing during all those hours?
Why was North Korea invited in the first place?!
Does Iran fear any serious penalty for seizing 10 American sailors? The question answers itself.
It amounts to a thermonuclear attack on a civilized world order.
The State Department spins debacles as successes of 2015.
Cashing in whatever remains of U.S. credibility and might for a farewell binge of international agreements.
In this brave new world, with its "receding tide of war" and whatnot, what's still safe to do?
Brace for the unimaginable.
"He was one man, in one moment, changing the course of an action during one of the toughest battles of the war."
This was not quite the reception the Obama administration, hands outstretched to the Castros, had been hoping for.
In the grand casino of UN corruption cases, here we go again.
America's enemies have read John Kerry's and Samantha Power's absence from Netanyahu's speech as open season on Israel.