The Rosett Report

In this brave new world, with its "receding tide of war" and whatnot, what's still safe to do?
Brace for the unimaginable.
"He was one man, in one moment, changing the course of an action during one of the toughest battles of the war."
This was not quite the reception the Obama administration, hands outstretched to the Castros, had been hoping for.
In the grand casino of UN corruption cases, here we go again.
America's enemies have read John Kerry's and Samantha Power's absence from Netanyahu's speech as open season on Israel.
As the world audience contemplates this latest drama in the reshaping of the 21st Century World Order.
Audacity of Opacity.
Not a moment too soon, one might suppose.
Having a celebrity socialite run the huge embassy was as foolish as it looked.
The news keeps getting worse...
File this one under "UNRWA's Use of Dead Infants to Defend and Abet Terrorists."