The Pop Culture/MSM Edit Button: What You Need to Know

The sneaky part of liberal media bias isn’t the slant slapped on too many news stories.

It’s the tales that aren’t told, and the angles left uncovered, that often matter more.


Take the case of Hollywood, Inc. revolting against Georgia’s new anti-abortion law. The Hollywood Reporter published a lengthy piece on the subject, quoting various studios threatening to pull their productions out of the state as a result.

That’s a straightforward report, right? What’s missing?

Hollywood already works in places around the globe with stricter rules against abortion, and industry types haven’t said a peep about the issue. Plus, the industry cuddles up to China every chance it gets, ignoring the nation’s human rights abuses.

That puts Hollywood’s activism in a whole new light, no? Only you wouldn’t know it by following the mainstream media.

Two recent news stories also showed how Hollywood and the media omit facts that don’t match their progressive agenda. CNN recently broadcast an abortion special hosted by far-left comedian W. Kamau Bell.

“United Shades of America” focused on the abortion debate in a recent installment with one huge caveat.

Elizabeth Parker, a black representative from Students for Life of America (SFLA) shared her thoughts for the CNN cameras last October. When the show finally aired on May 19, Parker learned her interviews hadn’t made the final cut.

That’s not all. reports what else got left behind.

Even worse, it turned out there were no pro-life views represented at all. CNN even cut out footage of pro-life advocates outside local abortion facilities… Rather than present a two-sided story, they simply cut the side that didn’t fit the script.


Here’s another glaring example. “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek announced earlier this year he was battling stage four pancreatic cancer. The country mourned the news, sending messages of hope and prayer via social media.

Trebek recently announced via People magazine he was in “near remission,” an amazing update given the severity of the diagnosis. Trebek credited both his doctors and his fans’ prayers for the hopeful news. The spiritual part of his update got edited out of several news reports, though.

Yet, while ABC’s World News Tonight touted Trebek’s praise, the CBS Evening News ignored that part of Trebek’s comments and NBC Nightly News edited it out of the quotes read and video clips they aired.

A gimlet-eyed observer can track dozens, even hundreds, of similar examples from our media landscape. These two incidents, though, capture both that dishonesty and how pop culture works with the news media’s baked-in biases.


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