Barrymore, Noah Chuckle Over Zombies Devouring President Trump

It must be a drag for stars stuck on the promotional circuit. In between inane conversations, you’re forced to fend off the same questions over and again.


“So … how much are you like your character?” It’s enough to make you feel sorry for the rich and famous in Hollywood.


Perhaps that explains away Drew Barrymore’s recent appearance on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.” Barrymore is in full promotion mode for the second season of “Santa Clarita Diet.” The Netflix comedy follows a suburban housewife (Barrymore) who dies and becomes a zombie but pretends nothing has changed in her life.

She just needs to snack on neighbors now and then.

The actress yukked it up with Noah during her time on his show’s couch. And, naturally, President Trump came up in conversation. Only the subject’s context wasn’t what we’ve come to expect.

They began by discussing the kinds of people Barrymore’s character chomps on during the show. As the actress puts it, “the people who don’t need to be here.”

Sounds like what Bruce Willis did, only with a gun, with that “Death Wish” remake. Yet liberals lost their minds over that film. They probably won’t shrug over what happened next.

Noah quickly jumped in as the moral arbiter, asking how the show’s character makes that life or death decision.


NOAH: “Well, I don’t eat people, Drew Barrymore. I haven’t eaten anyone in, like, 10 years.”
BARRYMORE: “That would certainly eliminate your audience every night of who you think is good or bad, even in the most metaphorical ways.”
NOAH: “Yes, but if I ate them, I feel like I would be taking it to the next level. ‘Last Night’s Trevor Noah ate Donald Trump.’ That would be a headline that I think many people wouldn’t be able to get over.”
BARRYMORE: “I think we’re all checking our phones every morning waiting for that headline.”

You see, we want the president to be the victim of a hungry zombie.

By Hollywood standards, this brand of yuk-yuk attack is pretty mild. After all, we’ve already seen a comedienne hold up Trump’s disembodied head and heard an Oscar nominee say it’s time for another actor to kill a president in the grand John Wilkes Booth tradition.

So chalk this exchange up to bizarre wish fulfillment and little more.


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