Cain will/won't take a polygraph

Yesterday I posted at PJ Tatler how Cain is unfortunately damaged by these mounting allegations.  The other point I made is that Cain and his team have bungled this scandal from the start like the bunch of amateurs they are.  Some find their amateur status endearing, proof they aren’t professional politicians.  Fine, but don’t expect him on the ballot next November then.  As I said, the “rules of political gravity” are still in place.


UPDATE: Read the Tatler for more about amateur hour in the Cain campaign, and the big bungle last night on Fox about one accuser’s son working for Politico.

Here is an example of a bungle.  Yesterday at Cain’s presser, he was asked if he would take a polygraph.  Why of course he would…. but, not really.

“Of course I would be willing to do a lie detector test,” Cain said, but added: “I’m not going to do that unless I have a good reason to do that.”

Don’t have a good reason?  I can think of at least four.  Don’t have a good reason?  I can think of at least two settlements.

There are so many other ways to handle this inevitable question.  But a few:

1. Take a polygraph sometime last week quietly.  After passing it (because of course everybody knows the accusations are false, right?) then show some swagger in yesterday’s presser.  “I’ll take one and pass one.  You betcha.  Anytime.”

2. Say you’ll take a polygraph, but don’t then say you won’t.

3. Say you’ll deny the allegations under oath under penalty of perjury, but that polygraphs aren’t useful in a court of law, while under-oath statements are.  “I’ll do BETTER than a polygraph!”


Cains responses to the the sexual harassment allegations seem like someone struggling in quicksand.  Each move he makes, the deeper he goes.  I recognize Cain loyalists either don’t recognize this, or somehow convert this amateur bungling to him being a “different kind of politician,” but voters outside of the bubble of intense loyalty to Cain are taking notice.


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