Meet 'Dr. Tarece' — and Pray for the Families in Georgia's Largest School District

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Gwinnett County is a metro Atlanta area not far from me. It’s a huge county with several suburban communities in it and a diverse population. It’s also home to the largest school district in Georgia.


In Gwinnett County, voters elect the school board members, and the board members vote among themselves to choose a chair and vice-chair. This year, the board chose Dr. Tarece Johnson to be the chairperson. Johnson was elected to the board of education in 2020, and her bio on the school system’s website reads (with emphasis added):

Dr. Tarece Johnson, who prefers to be called Dr. Tarece, joined the School Board in January 2021. She represents all or portions of the Berkmar, Discovery, Duluth, Meadowcreek, and Norcross clusters in addition to Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology and Maxwell High School of Technology. Dr. Tarece earned a BA from La Universidad del Sagrado Corazón (Puerto Rico) and a MPA (Columbia University), a MBA (Emory University), and an EdD. She is an educational leader, entrepreneur, and teacher. She is a diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice professional. Dr. Tarece is an advocate, activist, author, and artist. She is passionate about ethnic and global education and dedicated to multicultural and multilingual learning. Her current term will expire in December 2024.

I probably don’t have to tell you this based on her bio, but Johnson is a Democrat. And you had better believe she’s of the far-left variety.

All you have to do is scan her social media to see her political positions — and activism.

She’s campaigning heavily against Georgia’s HB 888, which would take 20% of state educational funding away from schools that teach or promote critical race theory. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:


HB 888 prohibits teaching that “the United States is a systemically racist country.” Other prohibitions include teaching that individuals “bear collective guilt and are inherently responsible” for past actions by members of the same “race, ethnicity, religion, color, or national origin” or “that any individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish” or other psychological distress on that basis.

The Southern Poverty Law Center naturally calls it a “censorship” bill and has spoken out against it. And so has “Dr. Tarece.”

“Dr. Tarece” is also against gerrymandering. On Twitter, she keeps harping about the “#MAPOFTHEPEOPLE.”

I have news for you, “Dr. Tarece.” The “diverse community of Gwinnett County” (and you really ought to copyright that phrase, as much as you use it) elected the officials who are making the map. So in reality, the map the legislature creates is the “people’s map.”

I bet Johnson wouldn’t complain about gerrymandering if a majority of Democrats drew the redistricting map.


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But the icing on the cake might be this video she made on Tik Tok which has surfaced thanks to the incredible work of the folks at Libs of Tik Tok. Just watch and enjoy.

She also considers America to be racist — and I would assume the “racists” in this country include some of the families she was elected to represent.

But it gets better. She even works with puppets.

Georgia Democrats have a history of electing kooks and weirdos who are way out of their depth. The state is still reeling from the political career of Cynthia McKinney, a former congresswoman who inexplicably had a highway named after her. Last year, Jewish leaders began an attempt to strip her name from the road over her anti-Semitic comments.

Rep. Hank Johnson still serves Georgia’s 4th district, which until the latest round of redistricting ended right across the street from my house. (Thank God I dodged that bullet.) He once expressed his worries over whether the island of Guam would capsize if the U.S. placed more troops there.


In 2020, the county I live in elected Dorothea Bailey-Butts, a Democrat, as coroner. She didn’t know what she was doing and demonstrated this every day on the job in her short tenure. Public pressure and a media circus led her to resign less than five months into her term; then she tried to rescind her resignation after Gov. Brian Kemp had accepted it and the county swore her Republican predecessor in as her replacement.

Dr. Tarece Johnson is the latest in a line of weird and wacky far-left Democrats who have been elected into office. We need to pray for the families of Gwinnett County as long as Johnson is on the school board.


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