Democrats Target the Big-Government Schemes of...the Pro-Life Movement

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The pro-abortion movement relies on a certain set of arguments to make its case. It’s not a baby; it’s just a clump of cells. Pro-lifers stand in the way of reproductive freedom — or the woke version, reproductive justice. If pro-lifers would be just as in favor of the baby after it’s born, they would be consistent. And on and on they go.


We’ve heard all the arguments, but there’s a new one that will blow your mind.

Apparently, according to the newest scare cartoon from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, outlawing abortion is a big-government move.

If you don’t want to subject yourself to the ridiculousness of this video — and I don’t blame you — the gist of it is that any time a woman opts for an abortion, a man in a suit (who looks suspiciously like Mike Pence for some reason) stands in the way.

What’s ridiculous about this scare tactic is that outlawing abortion wouldn’t increase the size of government. There’s no Bureau of Not Having Abortions that a culture of life would create. There’s no cadre of grey-haired men in black suits that will be riding around on the taxpayers’ dime making sure that women don’t kill their babies in the womb. Unlike the Democrats, Republicans won’t sic the IRS on women who have had abortions, and the Department of Justice won’t be investigating the problem of “domestic abortion terrorism.”

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Even if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade, the decision to allow or outlaw abortions would then be up to each state. Abortion won’t disappear at the stroke of midnight or some such crazy nonsense. It’s just as certain that some states will allow unrestricted abortions as it is that some states will ban abortions from happening.

What’s really funny is that the Democrats always like to tout how educated and sophisticated their voters are, but they have to resort to outrageous scare tactics like these to make their point. Do they really believe that people are dumb or frightened enough to live in abject fear of a pro-life expansion of government? (Then again, these are also the folks who freak out when they see people who aren’t masked.)

The Democrats know that there’s a good chance that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe or at least defang it. So scare tactics are all they have left to argue for abortion.


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